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Tuesday July 24th, 2012  
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In front from left to right: Director Rudy Pagnucco from Hillcrest, Director Gail Montgomery from Bellevue, President Bill Kovach from Hillcrest, and Director Marilyn Milley from Blairmore. In back from left to right: Director Ed Strembicki from Coleman, Director Larry Ruzek from Hillcrest, Director Troy Clark from Bellevue, Director Marlene Anctil from Blairmore, and Director Sasha Jaegeerbaird from Coleman.
The first annual general Ratepayers meeting took place, and welcomed eight new directors and a president to the Ratepayers Association.
The meeting, which took place on July 19th at 7 p.m. at the Bellevue Legion, saw nearly 80 members and was moderated by Bill Kovach.
It was started with Kovach discussing several issues that have taken place in the Pass. Some of these issues include the M.D McEachern community centre, Thunder in the Valley, and the controversial tax increases that have created a large stir in the municipality.
Increased spending and increased hiring are the suspected causes for the increased taxes, according to the discussion that took place at the meeting.

Eight directors and one president were elected during the meeting. The president and elected directors will serve a one-year term at the Ratepayers Association.
The focus is to have equal representation throughout the Pass. To achieve this, Ratepayers members elected representatives from Coleman, Blairmore, Bellevue and Hillcrest, two directors from each town.
The elected representatives are: William Kovach President, Gail Montgomery and Troy Clark from Bellevue, Marilyn Milley and Marlene Anctil from Blairmore, Ed Strembicki and Sasha Jaegeerbaird from Coleman and Larry ruzek and Rudy Pagnucco.
Only Ratepayer membership holders were able to vote during the meeting.
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   Volume 82 - Issue 29   email:   $1.00   
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