November 5th, 2013 ~ Vol. 83 No. 43
New council kicks off for the Pass
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The new 2013 Crowsnest Pass Municipal poses for their official photo during their swearing-in and first meeting of council, October 29th, 2013.
From left to right: Marlene Anctil, Dave Filipuzzi, Bill Kovach, Shar Lazzarotto, Dean Ward, Doreen Glavin and in front Mayor Blair Painter.
Pass Herald Staff
Crowsnest Pass Municipal Council held its first meeting by swearing-in the new mayor and council members, October 29th, 2013.

Eight questions on state of affairs and a deep freeze for municipal spending and hiring were the issues at hand.

The eight questions raised by Councillor Dean Ward suggests a council working together and ready to assess the social, political and economic affairs of the Crowsnest Pass region.

“We are a new council and we need to learn as much and as quickly as possible,” said Ward.

“During the election campaign many members of the public raised concerns; the only way for us to answer those concerns is with information.”

Wards eight questions were drawn out in a motion at council and included the following; council is provided with a complete economic evaluation, details on job contracts, updates on continuing legal issues and a council update of the flood recovery program in the Crowsnest Pass region.

“Moving forward I would be surprised if both myself and the rest of council did not have many more questions,” said Ward.

Another motion by Kovach asked for a freeze on all municipal expenditures and hiring.

“This will give council an opportunity to properly assess the state of municipal spending and staff before proceeding with any new changes”, said Kovach.

The feedback from the eight questions and on municipal spending and hiring will be collected for council during the month of November and as accepted as information by council at a later meeting.

Council will then have the necessary information to schedule a special meeting where they can get together and decide on what issues facing the community should be addressed and how to go about doing so.

Council Attending Municipal Meetings AAMDC Convention

Three Crowsnest Pass council members (including Mayor Blair Painter, Dean Ward, Shar Lazarotto and Chief Administrative Officer Myron Thompson) will attend the Alberta Association of Municipal Districts and Counties Fall Convention. The AAMDCFC is an independent association comprising Alberta’s 69 counties and municipal districts, according to

AUMA convention

The AUMA convention will be held at Calgary’s Telus Convention Centre, November 20-22. Three members of Crowsnest Pass Municipal Council Marlene Anctil, Bill Kovach and Mayor Blair Painter will attend the convention.

The Alberta Urban Municipalities Association represents Alberta’s 272 urban municipalities including cities, towns, villages, summer villages and specialized municipalities, as well as Associate and Affiliate members, according to

AUMA represents and advocates the long term planning (for social and economic growth), a strategic and stable funding matrix for capital projects, vital emergency and social services as well as, the implementation co-ordination in delivering these services, according to the website.

The Alberta Urban Municipalities Association was founded in 1905 and represents Alberta’s 272 urban municipalities including cities, towns, villages, summer villages, and specialized municipalities, as well as Associate and Affiliate members.
AUMA is evolving association which represents and advocates the interests of all members to both the provincial and federal governments as well as other provincial and federal organizations.
Our goal is to develop a strong partnership between all three levels of government through a shared vision with long term planning that would facilitate social and economic growth to ensure the sustainability of the Alberta Advantage.

2013-14 Council Committee Appointments

Mayor and council appointed the following members of municipal council to each appointed position

The newly elected Mayor Blair Painter will sit with the AAMDC Alberta Southwest Regional Alliance, AUMA and the Mayors and Reeve committee

Kovach will represent the Crowsnest Pass on the Agricultural Services Board, Oldman River Regional Services Committee, the Municipal Planning Commission and the Ski Hill Society.

Councilor Dave Filipuzzi will sit with the Culture and Heritage Committee, Economic Development Committee CN/PC Waste Management, CNP Senior Housing, Culture and Heritage Committee, Economic Development Committee and the ORRSC.

Councillor Shar Lazarotto will sit with Family and Community Support Services, CN/PC Waste Management, Management Negotiating Committee, Municipal Heritage Board.

Ward will sit with the CN/PC Waste Management, Management Negotiating Committee and the Municipal Planning Commission.

Councillor Anctil will sit with CNP Senior Housing, Community Policing Committee and the Subdivision and Development Appeal.

Councillor Glavin will sit with Library and C.A.R.L.S., Subdivision and Development Appeal and Sports and Recreation Committee

All members of Crowsnest Pass Municipal Council will sit with the Governance and Priorities Committee and there is also a separate policy committee whose representatives will be decided at a later meeting.

November 5th, 2013 ~ Vol. 83 No. 43
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