December 11th, 2013 ~ Vol. 83 No. 48
- Packing up 'Bridge City'
- Search is still active for
  missing Taylor Elliot
- RCMP Stats
- Riversdale announces
  plan for Grassy
- Valerie J. Danielson
  celebrates 20 years in
- Classifieds
- Head of Public Works
- Looking Back
- Letters to the Editor
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Crowsnest Pass Herald Front Page
Packing the ‘Bridge City’ Pick-Up
Pack the Pick-Up is a partnership between Bridge City Chrysler Fort Macleod, Sobeys and Mountain Radio. The annual fundraiser is in its 6th year. This year the group raised 278 pounds of food and $725.00 for the Crowsnest Pass Food Bank.
From left to right: Crowsnest Pass Food Bank Board Member Phil Cann; Mountain Radio hosts Courtney Potts and Krystina
Kretschmer; Mountain Radio Station Manager Barb Kelly; Chamber of Commerce representative Crystal Husch; Bob Morrow of
Bridge City Chrysler Fort Macleod; Desiree Simoneau of the Crowsnest Pass Women’s Resource Center; and President of the Crowsnest Pass Food Bank, Terry Grinovitch.
Story 2 - 131211 Crowsnest Pass Herald
Riversdale announces plan for Grassy Mountain
Riversdale Resources Ltd. is letting residents of Crowsnest Pass and surrounding communities know of a new safety plan they have on Grassy Mountain Road.
Riversdale would like to [...]
Story 4 - 131211 Crowsnest Pass Herald
Head of Public Works resigns
In February of 2012 council hired Frank Besinger as the new Director of Planning, Engineering and Operations (DPEO).
He was hired when Myron Thompson stepped up to the role of [...]
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Story 1 - 131204 Crowsnest Pass Herald
Randall Hopley sentenced and serving
On Friday November 29th, Randall Hopley once again appeared in front of a judge at the Cranbrook Court Office and received sentencing for the 2011 abduction of 3-year-old Kienan Hebert.
Hopley was sentenced to [...]
Story 3 - 131204 Crowsnest Pass Herald
The importance of headwaters
Conservationist, author, hunter and former superintendent of Banff National Park Kevin Van Tighem explores the importance of the Crowsnest Pass area headwaters in light of the coming finalization of the draft South Saskatchewan Regional Plan.
The plan is a [...]
Story 5 - 131204 Crowsnest Pass Herald
A way to give back to his community
In 1968 a young Matthew Tartal left his homeland of Czechoslovakia when the Russians invaded the country.
Tartal was at a military acadamy in his native country at the time.
Tartal fled to [...]
Story 2 - 131127 Crowsnest Pass Herald
Council eyes recommended viability report
Crowsnest Pass Municipal Council is weary of undertaking a viability review, they accepted for information during the November 19th, meeting of Crowsnest Pass Municipal Council.
Undertaking a viability review was [...]
Story 4 - 131127 Crowsnest Pass Herald
Author and naturalist talks about saving headwaters
The Crowsnest Pass Conservation Society met November 21st to acknowledge the work and dedication of some of its members and also hear from one of Alberta’s 50 Most Influential People: hunter, naturalist, former Superintendent of Banff National Park and author, Kevin Van Tighem. [...]
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Story 1 - 131211 Crowsnest Pass Herald
Search is still active for missing Taylor Elliot
Taylor Elliot, a young 22 -year-old man from Pincher Creek went missing at 4:30 am on December 1st, from the Pincher Creek area.
Taylor Elliott is 6 feet tall and has a full beard. It is believed [...]
Story 3 - 131211 Crowsnest Pass Herald
Valerie J. Danielson celebrates 20 years in practice
“All my professional career I have been working with people to resolve conflict, personal or legal issues,” said Valerie Danielson, Barrister and Solicitor with Valerie J. Danielson Professional Corporation in Blairmore.
“I’ve never had [...]
Story 1
A Bizarro Christmas
Picture this if you will. I’m going back to 1997 and the scene before me was one of absolute carnage. The after effects of what appeared to have been hours of relentless and malicious destructive attackswere strewn everywhere.
Bits and pieces of things once intact lay about in a grizzly disjointed mess.
In one spot lay some mud tires literally ripped from the rims of a bright yellow dune buggy. Not far from the tires were the mangled remains of the buggy itself; its roof torn clean off. Nearby was a curious sight, [...]
Story 2 - 131204 Crowsnest Pass Herald
Council addresses public concern over signage
The “Naturally Rewarding” signage campaign, mandated by previous municipal council, caused some members of the public to come forward and voice their concerns to [...]
Story 4 - 131204 Crowsnest Pass Herald
New President for Ratepayers’
The Crowsnest Pass Ratepayers’ Association has a new president and several other new members who are starting their term off with a message of harmony.
“We want to and will work with [...]
Story 1 - 131127 Crowsnest Pass Herald
Four for the running for MP position
The four-way race to fill the seat vacated by former Member of Parliament for the Macleod (formerly Foothills) riding, Ted Menzies, is underway this November and the candidates are already running. [...]
Who's in Charge - S.C. Rudegan
Who's in Charge
The Internet has its uses. It allows me to keep track of my ever dwindling retirement portfolio, read the nasty things fans are saying about the Edmonton Oilers, buy a sofa with questionable stains on Kijiji, and follow ‘Dad’s Army’ on BBC Radio.
Then there is the downside. [...]
Story 1
A Summer Student’s Memories
In a few months university, college and high school students will be once again on the hunt for summer jobs. They will be looking for a break from the college routine and a chance to make enough money for next year’s tuition, books, rent and food so they can carry on their education.
One of the most lucrative opportunities [...]
December 11th, 2013 ~ Vol. 83 No. 48
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