December 18th, 2013 ~ Vol. 83 No. 49
New CAO brings lifetime of experience
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Sheldon Steinke begins a one-year contract as C.A.O. for the Municipality of Crowsnest Pass effective immediately.
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The need for a new direction for the Municipality of Crowsnest Pass’ administration brought Sheldon Steinke, the new Chief Administrative Officer for the municipality, out of retirement after 9 years.

Steinke took over as C.A.O. of Crowsnest Pass on December 12th, after the announced coming departure of former administration chief, Myron Thompson.

“I live in the community and I recognize the time it takes to transition a new council (for the Crowsnest Pass) for the job ahead,” said Steinke, who moved to Bellevue with wife Elaine in 2005 after retiring as C.A.O. of Coaldale, AB.

Steinke’s approached municipal council and the mayor to offer his services following Thompson’s announcement he would retire

“I understand what it takes to run a municipality. So, I offered to help the new council with some of the administrative load.”

Initially, Steinke offered his services as C.A.O. for a three to six month term but, the next time Steinke appeared before council about the job, he was offered a one-year contract.

“My leadership training, experience and testing through working for the municipal government and being trained in a local regiment are what qualify me for the position.”

“I believe local government is the core root of a democratic process in a local community.”

He has worked as C.A.O. (or another similar position or title) for three other municipalities in his 35 year career as a municipal administrator.

Steinke got his start in 1973 as an assistant administrator for the County of 40 Mile, (southwest of Medicine Hat, AB.).

It was serving under 40 Mile’s former County administrator where Steinke learned why he was interested in pursuing a career in municipal government.

“Back in the early years of my career,” Steinke recalls, “the County Administrator of 40 Mile, (a very intelligent, thoughtful man), asked me; ‘Sheldon, do you like what you’re doing?’”

Over the next six months, Steinke did some thinking and reflected on a conclusion, which would become a driving belief in what he does for a living:

Steinke later became County administrator of 40 mile until he moved with wife Elaine, and two children, to the County of Lethbridge to become its’ assistant, (and later), county manager (equivalent to C.A.O.).

While living in Lethbridge, Steinke joined the 18th (now 20th) Independent Field Battery Army Reserve in 1978 where he served as a Junior Officer until 1990, when he became a Major and later, Battery Commander of the Reserve.

In 1996, Steinke moved to Coaldale, AB. to become town administrator, a post he served until his 2005 retirement.

Steinke’s 2013 re-entrance into municipal administration marks a return to a 35-year-long career.

“I look forward to working with council, employees and citizens of the Crowsnest Pass.
December 18th, 2013 ~ Vol. 83 No. 49
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