January 22nd, 2014 ~ Vol. 84 No. 3
Renowned Spirit Medium
coming to Bamboo Bistro
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Lee Ashley will be doing a dinner reading at the Bamboo Bistro on Thursday, February 6th.
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Renowned Spirit Medium Lee Ashley will be hosting a dinner reading at the Bamboo Bistro in Blairmore on Thursday, February 6th from 6:30 – 9:30 pm. Guests will enjoy a buffet style dinner, after which Lee will join them, spending two hours doing readings for individuals in the group.

Lee is one of a select group of mediums certified by the prestigious, New York based, non-profit Forever Family Foundation. In order to obtain this credential, Lee had to partake in a rigorous series of tests that prove beyond a doubt that she can make contact with deceased ones. There are only approximately 20 people in the US with this credential, with Lee being the only Canadian. Other Forever Family Foundation certified mediums include Teresa Caputo of ‘Long Island Medium’ fame and Kim Russo of television’s popular series ‘The Haunting Of’.

According to Lee, “this work is really wonderful and important and I love to share it with others. ” Lee has always been interested in spiritual things. “As a child I felt the energy of people, animals and plants around me. I received messages from the spirit world as well. As I grew older I tried to push the spiritual things away, and I went to law school. I graduated and worked in the profession for a few years, but ultimately I found the Universal Laws to be more compelling, and just naturally moved towards doing spiritual work.’’ Her Cree elders helped her to understand and develop her abilities and to realize that her gift was of value to others. “People started coming to me for help and eventually their deceased relatives started to show up along with them.” Her path blossomed into a career that has spanned 20 plus years of service worldwide.

Lee believes that we all have the ability to sense the presence of spirits, and spends much of her time leading workshops, helping people to develop their own abilities. ‘’Tuning in to the Universe, learning to listen and interpret information and signs, these are learnable skills. It’s amazing to watch someone in a class, within a couple of hours, receiving their own messages from spirits”.

“Things happen in my work every single day, and I just shake my head and say, wow this is real. I’m humbled by the way the Universe works - we get so much help from those who have passed. Even if they aren’t with us physically, they are still in our lives, helping us, our families, our extended families and communities”. I’m truly honoured to be able to do this work.’’

Lee will also be in the area to provide a few private readings. For those who are unable to attend the dinner or a have a private reading, Lee also does readings over the phone.

Tickets will sell out quickly so purchase them early at the Bakery Section of the Bamboo Bistro.

If you are unable to attend and would like to book a private reading, contact Judy Zaychuk at 403.308.8204.

For more information about Lee Ashley visit her website at www.leeashley.com

For more info on the Forever Family Foundation visit www.foreverfamilyfoundation.org
January 22nd ~ Vol. 84 No. 3
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