February 12th, 2014 ~ Vol. 84 No. 6
Local artists to reunite
for Valentines Day performance
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Local artist Jeff Chambers started playing the piano at the age of five. Then, like many young people, he became interested in rock and roll, so he picked up the guitar.

When he was twelve years old he wrote his first song, it was called “Toy Gun.”

“[The song] was about how when a young kid plays with a toy gun how real everything is in their mind. It was about the strength of imagination in children and how that affects your adult life. I have a hard time remembering the lyrics now, but I have them written down somewhere,” explains Chambers.

On Feb. 14, Chambers and Cierra Shortreed will be performing a concert at the Pure Country Saloon in Blairmore. Chambers says to expect a night of music that will feature original works, covers and songs exploring the concept of love, both the good and the bad.

“You’ll get the dark and the light. Some songs on the bad points of love and some on the good points, I know I’ve got a few that go each way,” says Chambers. “Everybody is going to be able to relate.”

Chambers and Shortreed gained local recognition for their performances in the Crowsnest Pass Idol competitions. Chambers won the competition in 2012; Shortreed was runner up in 2011.

Like Chambers, Shortreed began playing music at a very young age. She says music runs in her family. Her father, who was in a band for most of her childhood, began teaching her to play guitar when she was only seven. Her musical talents have matured over the years, as has her taste in music.

“When I was seven my favourite band was the Backstreet Boys. But when I started paying attention to actual music, I would say I liked Modest Mouse, The Shins, all that good indie stuff.”

Shortreed is looking forward to pairing with Chambers on Valentines Day.

“Most of my songs are love songs anyway, so it works,” says Shortreed.

The two have been discussing starting a band for some time. But time constraints and the demands of daily life have stopped that from happening; both artists work full-time jobs. Shortreed is hopeful that the upcoming performance at Pure Country will help jumpstart the process.

“Jeff and I are actually working on starting a band with, Mike [Chambers] his brother, he was going to drum. And our other friend plays bass. So we were going to start jamming together,” says Shortreed. “Hopefully that happens.”

Aside from the idol competitions, the two have been playing music together for years and they’ll often break out their guitars during camping trips, parties and family functions. This will be one of the first times the two will be coming together as a team.

“We have yet to play a lot together. Most of the time we play separately. Hopefully this time we can collaborate on some songs together. Get her to accompany some of my originals and me some of hers,” says Chambers. “She’s awesome, she’s got an excellent voice. You hear those vocals and you just want to hear more.”
February 12th ~ Vol. 84 No. 6
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