March 12th, 2014 ~ Vol. 84 No. 10
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CAO to request information from Group Vachon
On Tuesday, March. 4, Councillor Dean Ward requested CAO Sheldon Steinke get in touch with Group Vachon regarding the development of a Best Western Plus in the Pass.
In 2013, the municipality paid Group Vachon $50,000 to keep the application for the development of a Best Western franchise in place, with a two-year window to construct a hotel.
“Would it be possible to get a letter, just a one pager from Group Vachon giving us an update on what they’re doing,” said Councillor Ward. “I know that agreement with them expires in July, but I’m hoping they’re not just sitting back waiting for the time frame to run out.”

Kananaskis Rodeo Lease
Council agreed to keep the annual lease at $2,900 for the 2014 rodeo despite an expected increase in cleanup costs.
The Kananaskis Pro Rodeo Association’s rodeo is being held a week before the Crowsnest Chamber of Commerce’s Lifestyle Show, with both events sharing the Coleman Sports Complex as a venue. The KRA Pro Rodeo will be held April 25-27, 2014.
“What will actually happen this year because of the compressed schedule, is we’re going to incur many hours at a greater cost than the [usual] 50 dollars an hour because we’re going to be looking at overtime and double time,” said Lyle Hannan, Director of Community Services.
Councillor Doreen Glavin says the municipality should foot the additional costs because of the KRA’s importance to the community. She says the Association has donated $141,000 to the Coleman Sports Complex and community groups in the area since 2003.

CAO’s Report
The municipality has been looking to hire a Director of Planning Engineering and Operations and a Director of Finances.
CAO Sheldon Steinke says the job postings for these positions are now closed and a list of candidates is being prepared. The list will be presented to council and interviews should be scheduled for later this month.

The Pass welcomes TRAVIS
The Pass will soon be a more convenient community for truckers thanks to the Transportation Routing and Vehicle Information System (TRAVIS).
Travis is a permitting process that allows truckers to book-in and get their permits online or by telephone.
The municipality will need to place signs at either end of Highway 3 to notify truck drivers they’re entering a TRAVIS area.
“With the uniqueness of the municipality with one highway going through and one secondary highway going to the north, which is basically a seasonal highway, we don’t see this as being a large money generator or inconvenience to any of the trucking firms,” said CAO Sheldon Steinke.
Council agreed to a five-year initial term starting in April.

Contracts for disaster recovery awarded
Council awarded two contracts worth about $1.4 million to Pincher Creek’s Chinook Pipelines for flood recovery work in the wake of last June’s flooding.
The work will take place in areas near Blairmore Creek and Lyon’s Creek in Blairmore. Chinook is responsible for raising and stabilizing the banks of the creeks, removing rock spurs and some dredging followed by road reconstruction and topsoil seeding.
The Disaster Recovery Program and the Flood Recovery Erosion Program will help fund the efforts. Chinook will begin immediately to insure there will not be further flood damage when the spring runoff arrives. The work is to be completed before Oct. 30, 2014.
CAO Sheldon Steinke says the rest of the tenders for disaster recovery efforts will be open this week.

March 12th ~ Vol. 84 No. 10
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