April 9th, 2014 ~ Vol. 84 No. 15
Future visions for Crowsnest Centre
site reviewed by council
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Crowsnest Centre land as it sits today.
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Council said no to a truck stop and yes to a concept plan that could someday include retail, hotel and community spaces for the former site of the Crowsnest Centre.
At a regular council meeting on April 1, Ken Bourdeau, Development Officer, unveiled a set of three conceptual plans named concept plans A, B and C for the Crowsnest Crossing.
The Crossing will be located at the former site of the Crowsnest Centre.
Concept Plan A could be built under the current zoning laws and divides the site into two commercial areas, one with a retail office and a vehicular sales lot, the other with a retail office and hotel.
Concept Plan B encompasses a single commercial area. All the conceptual businesses from Plan A are included but this plan has a proposed truck stop on the eastern end of the site.
“This one’s more traditional main street, the buildings are very close to a new street going down the center of the property,” says Bourdeau of Plan B.
Concept Plan C is very similar to Plan B but adds a roundabout while subtracting the truck stop.
After some discussion, council adopted Plan B, minus the truck stop, as their preferred concept plan. But this is a non-binding document designed to help sell the site and has no legal standing.
A municipal release shows potential uses for the property include a hotel, retail space, medical office, automotive retail space, a truck stop, and a public gathering place. After the Crowsnest Centre was demolished the area’s zoning was changed from P1; public space to C2; commercial.
Bourdeau says the site is about 6.2 acres in total. The release shows a hotel would require 2-3 acres, retail space would need 3 acres and an office/retail space would need an additional acre.

According to the release, plans were drawn up with the assumption that Transport Alberta would not grant the site access to Highway 3, which is directly north of the site. Informal inquiries show that potential businesses would prefer to be clearly seen from the highway.
The site could be connected to the community’s preexisting trail network and the release shows the site’s community-gathering place could someday host a Farmer’s Market.
Municipal Engineering Standards show that there might need to be upgrades to water, sewer, storm sewer and electrical infrastructure to serve the site.
Bourdeau says council gave administration the go ahead to create three concept plans back in January. For the past year the Economic Development Office (EDO) has been preparing to sell the site.
Though nearing its end stages, the demolition of the Crowsnest Centre is not complete, behind schedule and over budget.
On August 6, 2013, council approved the demolition of the Crowsnest Centre by Dakota Reclamators for $585,314, excluding GST. The project was supposed to be completed by mid January.
In a report to council on Feb. 4, Frank Besinger, Director of Planning, Engineering and Operations, said Dakota Reclamators would complete the cleanup of the Crowsnest Centre by the end of March. But piles of debris and depressions in the ground remain.
At the April 1 meeting CAO Sheldon Steinke unveiled a proposal where creek sediments recovered from flood recovery work could be used to fill the Crowsnest Centre depressions. Council has yet to approve the plan.
April 9th ~ Vol. 84 No. 15
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