April 16th, 2014 ~ Vol. 84 No. 15
Crowsnest Pass Municipal Council meeting updates
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Crowsnest Pass Municipal Council
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At Tuesday’s council meeting, Bob Innes, secretary for the Blairmore Lions Club, presented a proposal to erect a digital LED sign on club property to advertise events.
Ken Bourdeau, Development Officer, says the proposal was brought forward at a planning commission in March. The commission decided not to allow the sign because of a provision in the land use bylaw that prohibits electronic signage.
Bourdeau says council will need to amend the land use bylaw before allowing the sign. He says there are a number of other concerning issues around the bylaw and he would like to bring them all forward together at once rather than one at a time.

Flooding in Bush town
Councillor Bill Kovach says he’s receiving complaints about flooding in some houses in Bush town due to blockages in the sewer system.
He says there was supposed to be a sump pump put in one of the manholes to make sure that this wouldn’t happen. The area saw significant flooding last June.
“Last year it did happen for those people,” he says. “I think we should be prepared for Bush town and fairly soon.”
Kovach says that during last year’s emergency they never got there with a trash pump, though they did have one available.
“We’ve always had a problem in Bushtown,” says Councillor Dave Filipuzzi. “We used to rent a [sump] pump. In hindsight we should budget one for the future.”
Councillor Kovach says there have been issues regarding the high water table in Bushtown. He says the river is filling with sediments and suggests engineers look into having it dredged.

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Gas plant cleanup
Councillor Shar Lazzarotto says the site of the former Devon gas plant should be cleaned up to a higher standard.
During their presentation to council, a Devon representative said the site would be cleaned up to industrial standards. She wants it cleaned up to commercial or even residential standards.
She also outlined other properties in the community where industry has left a mess including the old Coleman service station on Highway 3.
Mayor Blair Painter was unsure whether anything could be done for the site in Coleman.
“It’s my opinion when it comes to fuel companies or oil companies they look at the highly visible areas. Those that they can neglect, they will neglect until they’re forced to do something about it,” he says.

Pool delegation
Leone Stacheruk, chairperson for the Community Swimming Pool Delegation, says they are ready to work when council approves their status.
“We believe that the operation of the swimming pool would be more efficient and effective if this board remained in place,” says Stacheruk. “It clearly delegates the roles and responsibilities for all the stakeholders and historically has proven to be effective for the pool and community.”
In September 2012, the previous council dismissed the pool society. The municipality handed over day to day operations to the Department of Community and Protective Services.

April 16th ~ Vol. 84 No. 15
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