April 23rd, 2014 ~ Vol. 84 No. 16
Residential taxes held at 0%
by council for 2014
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Crowsnest Pass Municipal Council
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Council met on April 15th and passed third reading of the Property Tax Bylaw.

Overall council was able to adhere to their committment of a 0% property tax increase.

Instead of an initial planned 3% increase, administration sharpened its ‘proverbial pencil’ and through deference and additional cuts ended the budgetary session at 0% on property tax.

There was an increase in utilities to residents in the community to the tune of $3.02 per month in total for water, waste water and solid waste. There were no increases in recycling costs.

The tax notice will be put in the mail with payment due June 30, 2014.

Overall individual property assessment in the Crowsnest Pass is down, so depending on where your property assessment lands, will indicate a decrease or slight increase in taxes.

According to Councillor Ward, “we maintained a 0% increase in property tax and have lost no services to the taxpayer. A great job was done by our CAO and administrative staff.”

The following are some of the changes to the 2014 budget.

Salaries and wages increased by 3% (collective agreement with CUPE effective Jan 1st) additional cost of $164,000.

Municipal Insurance costs increased by $31,000.

MSI operational funding dropped by $60,000.

Property tax base dropped by 2.1%.

General Municipal Taxation for 2014 will be $6,729,350 versus $6,681,111 for 2013.

The municipality will be spending $341,700 on capital, which will include the following:

Two pickups for operations $68,000.

One wheel loaders $175,000.

Wastewater Inspection camera $11,700.

Renovations Coleman Seniors Centre $7,000.

Dressing Room Addition Roof Sports Complex $20,000.

Server Upgrades and desk computer replacements $60,000.

There will be an increase in municipal reserves from 2013

Franchise Fees will not increase this year.

Utilities will increase by 4.6% which equals an overall increase in cost to the taxpayer of $3.02 per month in residential rate.

Legal Fees in 2013 were budgeted at $15,000 actual cost was $156,431 budget for 2014 is $140,000.

Ski Hill Manager eliminated savings of $61,000 a year also revenue for 2014 was decreased by $58,000, 2013 budget was $252,710 with actual revenue of $187,418.
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Peace Officer reduced to one position effective May 1st, administration informed council that most communities only have one position for a population of 5500.

Ag Services grants decreased by $30,000.

Upgrades to municipal utilities:

$30,000 to the Electrical system

$24,000 on the water system

$58,000 on the wastewater system

$12,000 for garbage collection bins and Eco recycling

Economic Development will bring in revenue of $117,000 from various conditional grants.

Personnel requirements:

2013 budget allowed for 54 full time positions, 3319 hours of overtime, and 45,214 hours of casual employment.

2014 budget allows for 54.75 full time positions, 2858 hours of overtime, and 37,650 hours of casual employment.

Note: The town rounder position was counted in the casual hours last year, it is now a full time position, overtime hours have decreased by 461 hours and casual hours are reduced by 5499 hours after allowing for the town rounder hours from last year.

According to Mayor Painter at the end of the discussion, “given the situation are administration team was brought, with no Director of Finance since November, the team did an amazing job on our budget and adhered to the vision of this council. We done team!”

April 23rd ~ Vol. 84 No. 16
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