September 10th, 2014 ~ Vol. 84 No. 35
Davis Dodge one step closer
to sales lot at Mall
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After much wrangling over the provision of utilities, parking and the true meaning of municipal bylaws, Davis Dodge is one step closer to being allowed to set up a temporary sales lot at the Crowsnest Mall.
Bob Morrow, sales manager at Davis Dodge, was pleased with the decision.
“This is home to me,” he said. “This is where our market is.”
On Sept. 2, despite administration’s recommendation to the contrary, council approved second and third reading of Bylaw No. 893-2014, which amended the Land Use Bylaw (LUB).
The bylaw change means ‘Automotive Sales and Services’ are permitted activities in the C-3 zone (Comprehensive Commercial). Vendors can apply to set up temporary auto sales lots at the Crowsnest Mall, which is zoned C-3.
No business can spend more than ten days on the site and not more than ten occasions per calendar year.
Morrow will need to submit a Development Permit Application that would deal with the municipal administrations concerns, such as access and parking. The Municipal Planning Commission will handle the application.

Miffed competition and administration
Administration had opposed the bylaw change for a number of reasons including the compatibility of automotive sales with the shopping mall, the provision of municipal services to the site, the amount of adequate parking and the fair application of bylaws.
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Morrow also received a sour response from administration for twice setting up a temporary sales lot in the parking lot, which was a violation of the (LUB) and Business Licence Bylaw, said a municipal release.
The next week a representative from West Castle Motors called the Pass Herald to comment on the situation and said Westcastle spent six months going through formal channels to establish their business but by considering the land use bylaw change, the municipality is sending the message that this was unnecessary.
In February 2014, almost five years after closing their dealership in Blairmore, Westcastle Motors opened a sales lot on Highway 3 in West Coleman. It closed only six months later.

Morrow talks dealership
Morrow said it was a simple a lack of business that caused Westcastle to close.
“If it was viable for them to be there, if they were doing well, then there’s no way that they would have ever pulled out,” he said.
Morrow talked about possibility of opening a dealership in the Pass within the next two years. The company has been given that amount of time to build a dealership west of Fort Macleod.
“It could be Pincher Creek. I am pushing for Crowsnest Pass,” said Morrow. “Nothing would make me happier than to open the doors to a brand new dealership here. This area deserves it and this area should never be without one.”
“Morrow said he does not own the Mall just requires an office space with washroom facilities and the corner of the parking lot”.
“By not allowing our dealership two summer lot sales, the Pass lost approximately $10,000 in revenue for local business through restaurants, hotels, gas stations, advertising and donations made through sales per event.
September 10th ~ Vol. 84 No. 35
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