October 15th, 2014 ~ Vol. 84 No. 40
September Fire and Rescue responses for Crowsnest Pass
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In September the Crowsnest Pass Fire/Rescue Department responded to 18 calls including the following reported incidents.
On Sept. 3, a caller reported an alarm going off above the Dance Studio in Hillcrest. No smoke or fire was observable upon the arrival of fire crews. Eleven members, an engine, rescue unit, brush truck and the command unit were deployed to the scene. After gaining access into the suite, it was observed that water was leaking through the roof and onto a smoke detector causing it to sound the alarm.
On Sept. 3, an engine, rescue unit and the command vehicle responded to the Crowsnest Mall with nine personnel due to a call from an automatic dialer. Investigation of the scene discovered a leaking sprinkler system.
On Sept. 4, crews responded to a call in Hillcrest regarding trees hitting power lines creating sparks. Eight personnel were on scene to provide fire suppression if needed while awaiting the power company to deal with the situation.
Sept. 4, crews were again called out to deal with trees and power lines. Six personnel were on scene to provide traffic support until the power company arrived.
On Sept. 10, eight personnel responded to Hillcrest to assist with the removal of branches, or snow from the branches, to prevent further arcing of power lines.
On Sept. 11, Fire Chief Jamie Wilkinson responded to a false alarm at the York Creek Lodge. Nine other personnel were on standby at the three stations.
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On Sept. 13, a call was received from concerned resident who noticed sparks falling from a tree that was touching the power lines across the street. Engine 24 was called to the scene along with a command and utility vehicle and 12 personnel. The electrical company came and trimmed the branches away from the power line. Crews were on scene to provide traffic control and possible fire suppression.
On Sept. 14, six personnel were on scene with the command vehicle and a Rescue unit to aid with a request for a STARS landing.
On Sept. 18, crews arrived at a rail crossing in Blairmore due to an accident involving a vehicle and a train. An individual was taken to hospital with minor injuries by EMS.
On Sept. 19, crews were dispatched after being contacted by an alarm company that could not contact the homeowner. The alarm was set off due to a child playing with a fog machine inside the home. The homeowners were unable to shut off the alarm. Units were stood down en-route to the scene as it was confirmed as a false alarm.
On Sept. 21, a call came in reporting power lines down due to a wayward semi truck catching the lines as it was driving through a residential area. The lines were confirmed as cable lines and, therefore, not a public risk. Units were stood down en-route to scene by the incident commander.
On Sept. 21, a back country rescue mission was in the process of being set up to look for a missing individual on an ATV; however, the mission was stopped when the missing individual called to report in. Twenty-two personnel responded to the station for the call.
On Sept. 24, the fire chief suppressed a small fire that he noticed coming from the train tracks in Coleman. No further personnel were called to the scene.
On Sept. 24, a second fire on the train tracks was observed in Frank across from Pure Country. The command unit and an engine were on scene to put out the fire.
On Sept. 25, the fire chief in the command unit responded to a false alarm in a nursing home in Blairmore. No further units were needed.
Crowsnest Pass Fire/Rescue, in addition to their response to calls, runs training/practice twice per week. The month of September focused on primary search and rescue and vehicle extrication. Training on primary search and rescue has been enhanced through the use of a re-furbished fog machine to simulate a smoke filled environment and the construction of an entanglement maze constructed by volunteers on their own time. Rescue personnel were able to practice stabilization and extrication on vehicles provided by south country towing.
October 15th ~ Vol. 84 No. 40
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