January 14th, 2015 ~ Vol. 85 No. 2
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Councillor Dean Ward published a lot of numbers on his blog on Dec. 19 and Dec. 29 outlining administrations recommendations for the 2015 capital budget. In summary, administration is recommending the following:
Maintaining safety $330,000
Preserving existing assets $250,500
Fleet Replacement $2,166,000
Infrastructure Replacement $6,062,000
Frank Wastewater Treatment Plant Upgrading $5,000,000
Provide for growth $100,000
Enhancements $235,000
Total $14,143,500
“How will this be paid for?” writes Ward. “Obviously some from grants, some from debt and some from the tax roll.”

Maintaining safety
Expenditures for maintaining safety include LED streetlight retrofitting for $30,000 and gravel for rural roads for $300,000.

Preserving existing assets
Administration is recommending a bunch of investments to preserve capital assets including a wastewater collection video inspection system for $39,500, fleet additions for $211,000, lane reconditioning for $9,000, a hoe tamper attachment for $20,000, a 6" trash pump for $42,000, a grader packer for $20,000 and a bucket truck for $120,000.

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Fleet replacement
The snow won’t plow itself, not without municipal vehicles and administration is requesting that a number of them be replaced including wheel loaders, light pickup trucks, a street sweeper and $10,000 for a water rescue boat. Total for fleet replacement: $2,166,000.

Deep infrastructure replacement
Administration is calling for the replacement of five sewer and water mains and upgrades to a number of facilities including the Blairmore Pump Station, the Coleman Booster Pump Station and the Sentinel Water Tower. Administration is also requesting $1.45 million for road rehabilitation, electrical distribution system upgrading, IT upgrades and office upgrades.

Facility upgrades
Council and administration will be squaring off over a number of proposed projects including the replacement of Sentinel Bridge and upgrades to the Frank Wastewater Treatment Plant.

Provide for growth
The Passburg Pit Property acquisition is budgeted at $100,000.

Enhancements and fleet additions
Council will have to consider whether or not to shell out $35,000 for a watering truck, which would be useful in preserving the municipality’s lovely public flower displays or to invest $200,000 into concrete crushing, which would break the community’s excess concrete into smaller pieces… Both are considered lower priorities.
Following his post on administration’s recommendations on what the municipality needs to spend on the capital budget, Ward issued a breakdown of the revenue sources.
Grant AMWWP $3,327,500
Grant MSI Capital $4,376,000
Grant FGTF/BMTG $1,300,000
Grant ACP $114,000
Longterm Financing-Equipment $1,310,000
Longterm Financing-Frank WWTP $1,672,500
Operating Budget $1,347,500
Reserves-Equip + Electrical $696,000
Total $14,143,500

Notice of public open house for Evergreen Area Structure Plan
Please be advised that there will be a public open house run by the developer of the proposed Evergreen Area Structure Plan on Friday, January 16 from 6 to 8 p.m. at the Compass Centre Building 2029-130th Street, Blairmore.
This is an opportunity to meet with the developer Trevor Hay and engineering consultant Rob Strom and comment on any concerns you may have. You’ll be able to see the maps, lot layout and sizes, geotechnical reports and hydrogeological reports.

January 14th ~ Vol. 85 No. 2
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