February 25th, 2015 ~ Vol. 85 No. 8
Who are you anyways?
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Ever since the dawn of conscious thought, or at least the introduction of Greek philosophy, man has been in an endless search to unlock the mysteries of our origin. Besides love, war and power, it is one of the most mainstream themes that has carried on throughout our entire existence and is still prevalent today.
For me, I’m a firm believer that every person is entitled their own belief and opinion, especially since it dictates the direction and foundation upon which their life is based. The ideas that become solidified within ourselves are exactly what shapes the reality that we all experience individually. It’s because of this belief that I’m always confused about why we are so concerned with pushing our beliefs on everyone else around us? Who are we to tell anyone anything different?
I couldn’t imagine a world where everyone agreed on one belief system and blindly followed it without question. There would be no diversity, change or progress and we would revert back to the dark ages, or worse become some creepy futuristic cult like you’d see on those cheesy late-night sci-fi movies. Besides, we’ve already seen the effect of attempting mass conformity reflected in every war we’ve ever experienced and the power of choice and freedom always seems to prevail.
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But if truth be told, I’m not concerned at all with where I’ve come from. To me that’s a characteristic of primitive thinking. Instead, I choose to hold my value in the here and now and am more concerned with challenging who I am today. It’s my belief that however we see and feel about ourselves is what truly connects us to the world around us and allows us to continually grow as individuals creating our own conscious community around us.
I have, however, been guilty of compromising my values in the past, in order to fit into the different social groups I found myself among. All this did was reinforce to myself that I wasn’t good enough to be accepted on my own. I see this behaviour happen all around me in almost every social situation I find myself in and it’s sad to think that we are all products of this inner fear.
However, the people I’ve met throughout my life that have had a major impact on me, have always been one’s who are totally comfortable in their own skin. They seem to glide through life unaffected by anything and anyone, and naturally attract positivity everywhere they go. The common theme they all share is an unwavering faith in knowing exactly who they are.
So, I ask you… Who do you think you are? But I don’t want you to compare yourself to the people around you, I want you to ask this question to the inner depths of your own soul. Are you proud and confident in being exactly who you are? The answer you honestly give will be the key to your destiny and I challenge you all to seriously take a look.
February 25th ~ Vol. 85 No. 8
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