March 25th, 2015 ~ Vol. 85 No. 12
The Greenhill Jam is also happening Saturdays, music to ensue....
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Old time musicians Curt Bellerose, 63. Gary Schneider, 69, Rane Desjardin, 71, and Howard Davidson, 70, were playing at the Greenhill jam on March 18. The musicians stated that the jam is a labour of love.
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The Greenhill Jam, a pearl of the Pass that features authentic musical talent every Wednesday, will soon be bigger and better than ever.
Because from now on, the iconic jam sessions will also be happening on Saturdays.
Local musician Cierra Shortreed, 24, says she started the weekly concerts at the Crowsnest Mountain Resort three years ago.
“When I lived in Golden B.C. there were a couple jams at different venues on the same night. You’d meet so many different people and hear all different kinds of music,” says Shortreed. “When I came back home I realized there was nothing like that here and I wanted a place to play with friends in front of an audience.”
Shortreed says the Saturday jams will accommodate people who can’t make it out on weeknights. She also says they’ll be a bit of a dfferent format than the Wednesday afternoon jams as spectators will be encouraged to bring along their own instruments and participate, whether they want to jam along or perform alone.
“It’s to get new people out,” she says. “We’re going to have a sign up sheet at the bar.”
The Wednesday jams are divided into afternoon and evening sessions with the earlier sessions featuring more of an old-timey crowd and old-timey musicians.
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The evening jams feature more contemporary music and are usually hosted by Shortreed or local musician Tynan Groves, 35.
At the afternoon jam on March 18, a group of veteran musicians were at the Wednesday jam, playing the oldies for a sparse group of appreciative listeners.
“There are tons of musicians and a lot of talent,” says Curt Bellerose, 63. “There are at least 30 or 40 different people who come to the jams to play. It’s just for fun, we all share the same interest and it’s a common thread we all have.”
Musicians Gary Schneider, 69, Rane Desjardin, 71, and Howard Davidson, 70, joined Bellerose in stating that the jam is a labour of love.
Desjardin had been working as a professional musician since forming a band with his brother Ed in his early 20s. Davidson and Schneider have also played in several bands.
They played at Legions, bars, events and dances. Now they do it for the love of the craft.
“Musicians like to get paid and we’re no different but we’ve had our share of getting paid,” says Desjardin. “Now it’s just to keep my hand in it.”
March 25th ~ Vol. 85 No. 12
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