April 1st, 2015 ~ Vol. 85 No. 13

- Making a dream come
  true for a boy
- Pastor's Pen
- Sun Life gives back
  to groups
- Logging wraps up near
  Star Creek
- Giddy Up!
- Talk about Life
- A ‘Duck’ of a Party
- Council takes a firm
  stand against AltaLink
- RCMP   Stats
- Classifieds
- Puzzle Page
- Community Calendar
- Bunny Bonspiel
- ESRD moves forward
  with plan to log
- School’s out forever
  for Alberta’s students
- Rick's Corner
- Question of the Week
- Letters to the Editor
- Bricks & Boquets
- Council talks crosswalks,
  parking restrictions
  and a school zone
- Looking Back
- Council news and
Crowsnest Pass Herald Front Page
Dream Job
Firefighter Huxley Good, centre, works with teammates Evan Stewart, left, and Dan Cote to put out a small fire during his “firefighter for the day” experience on March 24.
Story 2 - 150401 Crowsnest Pass Herald
Logging wraps up near Star Creek
The controversial logging project near Star Creek is almost completed.
“We have finished three of the four harvest type treatment areas…We have about a month left of work to complete the [...]
Diego Syz - Stop n Talk
Can I depend on you?
Any interaction where you’re constantly dealing with other people on a regular basis is challenging at the best of times. We all have different quirks, mannerisms, behaviors and habits. The trouble occurs when [...]
Previous Issues
Story 1 - 150325 Crowsnest Pass Herald
Ken Lowe remains in custody after Subway assault on local woman
Coleman Subway manager Prabha Sharma, says Ken Lowe, 44, the man who is charged with assaulting her with a piece of lumber, would often come into the store asking for free food.
“He used to come in and ask [...]
Story 3 - 150325 Crowsnest Pass Herald
The Greenhill Jam is also happening Saturdays, music to ensue....
The Greenhill Jam, a pearl of the Pass that features authentic musical talent every Wednesday, will soon be bigger and better than ever.
Because from now on, the iconic jam sessions will also be [...]
Story 5 - 150325 Crowsnest Pass Herald
A reflection on a rough season for Pass Powderkeg hill
A scarcity of white stuff has meant a shortage of green stuff at the Pass Powder Keg (PPK) this season.
Though Community Services is still collecting the numbers for March, Lyle Hannan, Director of Community Services, said [...]
Story 2 - 150318 Crowsnest Pass Herald
Fire/Rescue members to learn oil-by-rail firefighting
Two members of the Crowsnest Pass Fire/Rescue Department are heading to Pueblo, Colorado from March 16 to 18 for oil-by-rail firefighting training.
“This was in the works [...]
Story 4 - 150318 Crowsnest Pass Herald
Corn Capital of Canada’s bylaw controversy
A group of citizens is calling for film star Kevin Bacon to defend their right to play music, stay up late and use foul language as Taber faces a backlash over a controversial bylaw.
The Community Standards Bylaw makes it illegal for [...]
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Crowsnest Pass Weather
Current Weather
Who's in Charge - S.C. Rudegan
Making a dream come true for a boy
Crowsnest Pass Fire Rescue was called to a small flammable liquid fire on March 24 at 11:18 a.m.
Taking the lead on this call was Huxley Good, who, at four years old, may be the youngest firefighter to pack up and rush to an emergency scene.
Donning his own protective clothing, helmet and [...]
Story 3 - 150401 Crowsnest Pass Herald
Council takes a firm stand against AltaLink
Over the company’s objections, council is voicing its opposition to AltaLink’s proposed Castle Rock Ridge to Chapel Rock (CRRCR) project.
AltaLink is to build a high voltage [...]
Story 1
Too Much of the Same Thing Can Be Deadly
Russell Montelbetti‘s recipe was submitted by his daughter Cathy Painter back in 2004 for the Coleman Centennial Cookbook. It is one of the most basic formulas for an ethnic dish you will ever come across. It is simply: [...]
Protecting Ovis Canadensis - Emerald Lake Wildlife Fencing
According to local wildlife biologist Dale Paton the issue of bighorn sheep losses and their protection at the Crowsnest Lakes has been around for at least thirty years. Local residents and fish and game groups from Hillcrest, Willow Valley and Coleman had long advocated for [...]
Diego Syz - Stop n Talk
Pain for Gain
Have you ever been so overwhelmed by the stress, monotony and pace of your life that you found yourself wishing you’d just wake up with someone else’s life? All the small things that you continually worry about in your day to day life would simply [...]
Story 1
Mazama – The Day the Dry Snow Fell
My father had the presence of mind to collect a sample of the ash that had coated his old Pontiac on May 19th, 1980. I keep it in an old prescription bottle as a reminder of the power of nature. It was of course [...]
Story 1 - 150318 Crowsnest Pass Herald
Crowsnest native finds success online and on stage
It’s been a long and winding road for Keith Kollee.
The Crowsnest native recently starred in the latest installment of a popular Calgary theatre franchise and has written and produced a web series.
One of the founding members of [...]
Story 3 - 150318 Crowsnest Pass Herald
Crown Mountain mine could open in Elk Valley
A junior mining company is proceeding with an environmental assessment for a new mine in the Elk Valley.
At a council meeting on March 10, Art Palm, executive director of NWP Coal Canada Ltd., said [...]
April 1st ~ Vol. 85 No. 13
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