April 22nd, 2015 ~ Vol. 85 No. 22
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Remember the good ol’ days when you felt like you could take on the world? Each day and night were full of endless possibilities where you could play or party like it was the last day on earth and still wake up looking like you just got 10 hours of sleep. It was like you were blessed with an endless amount of energy and optimism that could never be depleted no matter how hard you tried. If I only could go back in time or bottle that feeling somehow I’d make sure to take advantage of that gift, because as most of us know, what goes up eventually must come down, and unfortunately nothing lasts forever.
I used to think that phrase only applied to drinking and drugs, meant to forewarn you of just how brutal the comedown would be if either substances were abused in excess. In my experience, the higher I used to get would always result in an opposing comedown that was as equally intense and low. Little did I know however, that this colloquialism has proved to be a universal truth and can be applied to almost anything and still hold its validity.
For example, the older I get the less energy I have compared to when I was a kid, or when I have a lot of fun or do something exciting there’s always a crash afterwards of feeling low or bored. It’s like there’s a natural equilibrium in this this world where once anything strays out of its natural state, there’s a debt that has to be paid to counteract it. Feeling the hangover from one too many the night before is a prime example that most around here can relate to as well.
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So the point I’m trying to make here is that just maybe our entire universe, right down to our human emotions, are somehow all connected together in some harmonious state. That this existence of ours is far more connected to everything around us than we think. I know full well that my choices and actions affect the people around me, but is it possible that maybe we are all truly one in the same and everything we choose to do causes a butterfly effect of change everywhere?
I don’t know about you, but If that was the case I think I’d really have to look at the way I live my life. Because even though I believe I cause more good than bad in this life, the fact remains that some my choices would be different if I knew that it directly affected how the world unfolded for me and the ones I love. Maybe I wouldn’t have the tenancy to be selfish in some aspects.
This is just a thought I had the other day when my choices hurt someone I really care about. I realized that when I get carried away with my own agenda, I seem to forget about everything else around me causing a selfish imbalance. I guess if I thought more about others as a part of myself I’d think twice before I acted. What do you think?
April 22nd ~ Vol. 85 No. 22
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