June 17th, 2015 ~ Vol. 85 No. 24
Lions International Hall of Fame
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From left to right: Pauline Cooper, District Governor of 37N for Lions International, Wendy Reiling, Cliff Reiling and Christine Lark, past District Governor at the induction of Cliff to the Lions Multiple District Hall of Fame.
Pass Herald Reporter
When you talk about Cliff Reiling, you think of Economic Development, RCMP, Lions and countless burger flipping at several venues throughout the Crowsnest Pass.
As a 40 year member of Lions International, Reiling was recently inducted into the Lions Multiple District Hall of Fame.
This is no small accomplishment, as the Lions Clubs in the Crowsnest Pass have been active for decades.
The Blairmore Lions will soon celebrate their 70th anniversary and the Coleman Lions are getting ready to celebrate their 75 years on September 19.
In 140 years of combined service and countless volunteers, Reiling is the first Lion in the Crowsnest Pass to be nominated and inducted into the Hall of Fame by a unanimous vote.
According to Pauline Cooper, District Governor for 37N, “there was concensus at the Hall of Fame induction meeting that nobody else deserves it more than Lion Cliff”.
Cooper and former District Governor Christine Lark, both attended the Lions meeting on Thursday, June 4 in Coleman.
Cooper spoke about all the years that Reiling has dedicated to the Lions Club.
“With a new executive here at the Coleman Lions, some members have not even been alive as long as Lion Cliff has been a member”.
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The new executive of the Coleman Lions is all under the age of 40.
“Lion Cliff is an incredible example for all of you to follow.”
Reiling was a member of Lions International for three years in Wetaskwin and 37 years in the Crowsnest Pass.
Quoting Helen Keller, “Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much,” Cooper refered to Reiling and his dedication to the organization.
Reiling was inducted into the Hall of Fame in November of 2014, however, the organization keeps their decision under wraps.
“Lion Cliff was in Mexico for the summer, so we kept the secret until he came home. We wanted to induct him in person, in his town, surrounded by members of his club.”
Reiling, with tears in his eyes, thanked both Cooper and Lark for working with him throughout the years and “creating a friendship that will last a lifetime”.
“I want to thank you all so much, this couldn’t have happened without a whole bunch of people that I’ve been in this organization with. Our history goes back a long way.”
Reiling said that it’s been a wonderful organization to be a part of.
“This group of Lions have done so much in and around our community. I’m proud to have been a small part of everything we have accomplished.”
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Reiling is retiring from the Coleman Lions and is confident in the crew who will be taking the helm of the club.
“They are young. They are energetic and they will bring new ideas and life into this fantastic organization.”
“I have no problems leaving everything in their capable hands,” said Reiling.
Reiling was presented with a medal and several items of memorabilia. Wendy, Reiling’s wife, was given a bouquet of flowers in appreciation for her part in their “dynamic duo”.
“In closing, thanks to everyone past and present who has worked as hard as I have. I have been blessed to be a part of this wonderful organization,” he said.
June 17th ~ Vol. 85 No. 24
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