August 12th, 2015 ~ Vol. 85 No. 31
Pass Piranhas win gold at Regionals
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Colette Van Der Veen, a Pass Piranhas phenom, dives off the board for her freestyle race at the Regional Swim Meet in Lethbridge on the August 7th weekend.
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It was a fantastic weekend of swimming for members of the Pass Piranhas Swim Club on the weekend of August 7.

The Piranhas represented the Crowsnest Pass during the year-end regional championship held in Lethbridge.

The swim club began the season on May 1 training three hours a day, four days a week to represent their club at this meet, a precursor to the Alberta Summer Swim Association (ASSA) Provincial meet to be held in Edmonton on the August 14 weekend. The team is one of only a few clubs in summer swimming who swim in an outdoor pool. Summer swimming only lasts four months from May 1st until Provincials during the second week of August. Because the local pool was not opened until the long-weekend in July the team was forced to train in Pincher Creek. Despite these facts the club is a force to be reckoned with in the Regionals.

ASSA currently has 3301 swimmers from 58 clubs registered within the province, broken into six swimming zones. From a regional competition, each zone sends their top two swimmers to Provincials.
The older kids in the club swam close to 5000m, or 200 lengths of the pool each day. By the end of the season that’s the equivalent of swimming from here to Lethbridge.

The Piranhas brought 17 swimmers to the competition and at the end of the meet won the Net Aggregate points for Zone F. Zone F clubs include Brooks, Claresholm, Fort Macleod, Lethbridge, Nanton, Pincher Creek, Crowsnest Pass and Taber. Net Aggregate award is based on each swimmer at the meet and points they accumulate in each event. For example a first place finish gives the club 9 points, a second place finish 7 points down to 1 point for eighth place. The average points brought in for each Piranhas swimmer was 20.12. The second place finisher, the Pincher Creek Dolphins, came in at 19.03 points per swimmer.
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Ethan Ballak placed 2nd in 50m fly, 1st in 50m breast, 2nd in 100m IM and 1st in 100m breast.

Samantha Bleich placed 2nd in the 100m IM, 2nd in the 100 back, 2nd in the 50, back and 6th in the 50m Free.

Zoe Civitarese placed 1st in 50m breast, 1st in 100m breast, 1st in 50, back and 2nd in 50m free.

Olivia Collings placed 1st in 50m breast, 1st in 25m breast, 1st in 100m IM and 2nd in 50m free.

Aiden Douglas placed 1st in 800m free, 3rd in 100m free and 6th in 200m free.

Quinn Douglas placed 1st in 100m IM, 1st in 50m back, 1st in 100m back and 3rd in 25m fly.

Alex Ewen placed 4th in 100m breast, 5th in 50m free, 4th in 50m breast and 5th in 100m free.

Lyndon Ewen placed 1st in 100m back, 1st in 50m back, 1st in 200m free and 3rd in 50m free.

Tristan Ewen placed 2nd in 25m breast, 3rd in 100m free, 4th in 50m free and 4th in 100m free.

Alexandria Harrington placed 9th in 50m back, 13th in 25m back, 13th in 25m breast and 14th in 50m free.

Jorja Mercer-Penney placed 2nd in 50m breast, 2nd in 100m breast and 3rd in 200m IM.

Saiya Mikolos placed 3rd in 25m free, 4th in 50m free, 25m back.

Ruan Peterson placed 4th in 25 back, 4th in 50m back and 6th in 25m free.

Claudia Van Der Veen placed 3rd in 50m back, 4th in 25m fly and 4th in 25m back.

Colette Van Der Veen placed 4th in 50m free and 4th in 25m free.
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Mina Woods placed 3rd in 50m breast, 3rd in 100m breast, 9th in 100m IM and 10th in 50m free.

The 12 & Under 200m free consisting of Zoe Civitarese, Alexandria Harrington, Jorge Mercer-Penny and Olivia Collings placed 1st.

14 & Under 200m medley relay of Samantha Bleich, Zoe Civitaries, Ethan Ballak and Alex Ewen placed 1st.

10 & Under 100m free relay of Claudia Van Der Veen, Tristan Ewen, Quinn Douglas and Emma Harrington placed 1st.

10 & Under 100m medley relay of Claudia Van Der Veen, Tristan Ewen, Quinn Douglas and Olivia Collings place 1st.

12 & Under 200m medley relay of Lyndon Ewen, Jorja Mercer-Penney, Alexandria Harrington and Aiden Douglas placed 1st.

14 & Under 200m free relay of Ethan Ballak, Samantha Bleich, Alex Ewen and Mina Woods placed 2nd.

Out of 17 swimmers, 14 swimmers will represent the Crowsnest Pass Piranhas in Edmonton next weekend.
August 12th ~ Vol. 85 No. 31
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