August 26th, 2015 ~ Vol. 85 No. 33
Wildrose Party’s Brian Jean and Pat Stier visit
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Brian Jean, MLA for Fort McMurray-Conklin and Leader of the Official Opposition as well as leader of The Wildrose Party, accompanied by Pat Stier, MLA for Livingstone Macleod and Sustainable Recourse Development critic, visited the Crowsnest Pass on August 19th.
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On August 19th I had the opportunity to pull up a chair at the Stones Throw Cafe with Brian Jean, who is the MLA- for Fort McMurray-Conklin and Leader of the Official Opposition as well as leader of The Wildrose Party.

He was accompanied by Pat Stier, who is an elected member of the Legislative Assembly of Alberta representing the district of Livingstone- Macleod, a member of the Wildrose Party and is the Sustainable Resourse Development critic.

Jean is from Fort McMurray and he has been witness to and worked toward the prosperity they have today.

He is a businessman; a lawyer, has a BSc, an MBA and an LLB and for 10 years was a dedicated MP in Stephen Harpers Conservative government.

He has also been a logger, a farmhand, a printer and even a registered trapper. Jean is on his South tour of Alberta trying to reach out to Albertans.

“I’m trying to visit as many communities as I can. Not to deliver a message but to listen to a message and that is, the priorities of Albertans.” Jean said. He is meeting with Mayors, Councillors and community leaders throughout Alberta and listening to their concerns.
“The concerns are clear, the drought issue, the economy and jobs as well as the oil and gas sector.” He said.

Jean also talked about the decline of optimism he feels is occurring with Albertans under the NDP government. He added, “We are trying to be optimistic, we are trying to work with the NDP on eliminating corporate union donations because individuals should decide the future of Alberta, not big companies or unions. We were upset because we thought we could work together and make Alberta better for Albertans and not just for the NDP.”
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When asked what Albertans can expect in the future, he said. “Albertans can expect an opposition and MLA’s that listen to the priorities of Albertans and act on those priorities. We firmly believe that Albertans are our boss and we are working for Alberta. We believe, with hard work and persistent energy put toward Alberta’s needs we will have a better province.

We will keep the NDP government’s feet to the fire and make sure they concentrate on the concerns of Albertans.”

Jean was asked what comfort if any could be given to those uneasy about the NDP government’s future. He said, “We are going to make sure people can trust us again, make sure people realize we are not Danielle Smith and we will never allow a similar scenario to happen again.” Jean added, “We think that money should be left in peoples pockets, not government pockets. We believe in smaller governments and a balance between the economy and the environment or between what urban Albertans want and what Rural Albertans want. We believe, through balance, we can unite all causes to improve the quality of life for all Albertans.”

Pat Stier, who has been travelling through the 22 communities in this riding, also commented on some local issues. “I’m aware of the new Riversdale mine proposal that has had much controversy.

If the local community can appreciate the importance of having more industry here we can find a good place for jobs despite the negative impacts that the developer may be able to mitigate such as dust and noise control.
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I think it would be great for this community.” Stier also discussed access to trails, flood mitigation issues, fires down in the Waterton area, the concerns with logging issues and the preservation of natural areas.

He said, “We are really hammering down on the preservation of natural areas. I was also very happy to hear the power line proposal never went through in the Pass. We don’t need to see this beautiful scenery harmed any more. Clean air, clean water and clean land are some of our main principles.”

He also discussed recently working with Mayor Blair Painter, on issues with the Highway 3 committee, then added. “In the near future we will also be discussing more issues about the necessary changes on Highway 3 and chasing down the funding to make these improvements which include crosswalks, safety issues and getting the twin highway in here to get rid of congestion.”

In agreement, Jean and Stier, concluded the interview with this, “Tourism is the future here. All of this valley depends so much on having great tourism opportunities.”

The two continued their tour around Southern Alberta on Wednesday, sharing with and listening to Albertans. Brian has completed his central tour and looks forward to the upcoming Northern Alberta tour.
August 26th ~ Vol. 85 No. 33
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