September 2nd, 2015 ~ Vol. 85 No. 34
Gothic Knight hangs up his sword
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Gothic Knight, Ed Gatzky in front of 1969 plymouth. Gatzky is retiring after 20 years in the wresting scene.
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After an impressive 20 years in the industry, The Gothic Knight, will soon be retiring from the wrestling scene.

To local friends and family his name is, Edward Gatzky. Gatzky moved to the C.N.P. when he was 4 years old and grew up in Bellevue before he studied and graduated from Nait in '88. He then relocated to Lethbridge Alberta where he worked at the Lethbridge hospital as a supervisor in dietetics.

Gatzky got his start in wrestling during the rise of the Calgary Hitman when Bret "The Hitman" Hart offered him a job as his personal body guard. Since that time he has travelled the world and wrestled on cards with some of the biggest names in Wrestling such as ,Hulk Hogan, The Ultimate Warrior, Brett Hart, Sean Micheals and had the pleasure of getting in the ring with, Triple H, Psycho Sid Eudy, Duke the Dumpster, Jake The Snake Roberts and Diamond Dallas Page.

Due to the travel and long periods away from family, Gatzky, respectfully declined offers from the, at the time, World Wrestling Federation and chose instead to become a free agent wrestler which gave him more time to be with family and pursue other projects.

After building his wrestling career for some years, he had to take a hiatus from the industry to help with the family business and battle a life threatening illness but would soon resume his career in wrestling in Lethbridge with Power Zone Wrestling. From there, he decided to get back into the business and along with some associates and fellow wrestlers created the organization, Pure Power Wrestling (PPW) which is on its sixth successful year and only seems to be growing. Gatzky discussed his passion for (PPW) and giving back to the community with charity work and “bringing a family friendly, motivational form of entertainment back to the kids without blood, obscenities or unnecessary violence."

There’s nothing more special to me as a wrestler than to see wide eyed kids watching and you know your giving them something they'll remember for the rest of their lives," Gatzky said.
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Following two decades in the wrestling business, Gatzky plans to stay out of the ring for good but not without giving something for his fans to cheer about. He'll soon be wrestling Brad Kiss, otherwise known as "Silverback".

The Gothic Knight had some words on the upcoming match, " Silverback is a big guy but I don't care. Sure I'm strong and powerful but I can outwit these guys and that’s what I'm going to do, out think this opponent and win."

When asked what his plans are after his retirement he said. " I'm going to promote Pure Power Wrestling. I want to develop it into a real strong grass roots organization that develops talent for the WWE. I wanna be one of those promoters that can help nurture that talent."

You can see his next main event match against, Silverback, on September 19th, at the boys and Girls Club in Lethbridge at 7:00 pm.
You can find out more info and purchase tickets at the P.P.W. Website at

The very last match of his career will be at the, "Knightmare Before Halloween", event on October 24th and he urges friends, fans and those who just enjoy good, wholesome, live entertainment to be there to see the show.
September 2nd ~ Vol. 85 No. 34
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