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The brightest celebrated at Crowsnest Consolidated
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Students at the Crowsnest Consolidated High School received awards for their academic achievements on Thursday, September 17. Pictured above are the Top Academic Mark recipients Top row, Vice Principal Ian Baxter and Principal Wes Wescott. Bottom row, left to right, Grade 11 – Lain Arbuckle, Grade 9 – Kristen Pundyk, Grade 8 – Ashley Enefer and Grade 7 – Elana Tkachuk. Missing from photo, Grade 10 – Anna Koevoet, Grade 12 – Aislinn Maguire.
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The Crowsnest Consolidated High School celebrated the academic accomplishments of its students on Thursday, September 17.
Principal Wes Wescott began the awards noting that the students of the Crowsnest Pass are great embassadors to the community and he and the staff of the school are proud to have a hand in shaping them to adulthood.

Grade 7 Honour Role with Distinction - Elena Tkachuk
Grade 7 Honour Role - Kennedy Blakey, Aiden Douglas, Nathan Milford, Benjamin Sharp, Sante Canderan, Sarry Farrage, Kyler Olsen, Alan Wong, Zoe Civitarese, Maron Lim and Noah Schuh.
Grade 7 Merit Award – Ty Anderson, Oden Johnsen, Daniel Ploni, Alexandrea Hargerink, Jace Lewis, Skyler Heyboer and Priyansi Patel.

Career and Technology Studies :
Fabrication/Construction 7 – Alan Wong and Kyler Olsen
Fabrication/Construction 8 – Aden Janson and Rylan Van Dyk
Welding 9 – Jarrett Kress and Ethan Ballak

Food Studies 7 – Alan Wong, Colby Snider and Alexandrea Hartgerink
Food Studies 8 – Emmett Morrow, Ethan Wall and Tapange Cargill
Food Studies 9 – Brett Clarke and Jasmine Arbuckle

Communication/Design Studies:
Media and Design 7 – Sienna Dahl and Rylan Ban Dyk
Media and Design 8 – Hayley Fast
Media and Design 9 – Destiny Loseth

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Grade 8 Honour Rolls with Distinction - Ashely Enefer Maeve Rothlin, Tori Wakaluk, Kiera Wheelock
Grade 8 Honour Role – Abigail Bannerman, Ellissa Desjardinsm Emmett Morrow, Ethan Wall, Tapanga Cargill, Haley Fast, Rachelyn Pinkerton, Haylee Williams, Angus Duncan, AdenJason, Jasmine Sydora and Riana Maerz
Grade 8 Merit Award – Faith DeGraff, Taylor Wallington, Lewis Rogers, Tylan Van Dyk and Meghan Tarcon

Fine Arts:
Music/Band 7 – Elena Tkachuk
Music/Band 8 – Jessie Wilson
Music/Band 9 – Reece Brown, Sleiman Farage and Dawson Morency

Choral Music 7 – Sydney Haslam and Brittany Fournier
Choral Music 8 – Faith Degraff
Choral Music 9 – Chiara Burgess and Ashley Vigna

Textile Arts 7 – Alice Murray and Noah Schuh
Textile Arts 8 – Ashley Enefer and Emmett Morrow
Textile Arts 9 – Felicia Yoner

Art 7 – Benjamn Sharp and Alan Wong
Art 8 – Angus Duncan and Zoe Civitarese
Art 9 – Natasha Gault and Felicia Yoner

Wildlife 7 – Kyler Olsen and Sarry Farrage
Wildlife 8 – Ellissa Desjardins and Rylan Van Dyk
Wildlife 9 – Brittany Jones and Nicholas Manzer

Science Tech 7 – Benjamin Sharp and Noah Shuh
Science Teck 8 – Ethan Wall and Aden Janson

Auto 9 – Calvin Duarte-Pedrosa and Ansel Cater

Robotics 9 – Felicia Yoner and Corbin Fraser

Hockey 7 – Skyler VanDerLinden and Skyler Heyboer

Physical Education 7 – Noah Schuh and Nathan Milford
Physical Education 8 – Tori Wakaluk and Kennedy Blakey
Physical Education 9 – Sleiman Farrage and Kristen Pundyk

Spanish 7/8 – Keira Wheelock and Emmett Morrow

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Grade 9 Honour Roll with Distinction – Kristen Pundyk and Natasha Gault
Grade 9 Honour Roll – Jasmine Arbuckle, Ansel Cater, Cole Draper, Liam Knott, Dawson Morency, Felicia Yoner, Ethan Ballak, Makayla Cleverly, Calvin Duarte-Pedrosa, Jarrett Kress, Reese Pagnucco, Reece Brown, Maisa Danaf, Ethan Flegg, Nicholas Mazer and Sean Park
Grade 9 Merit Award – Cailley Davis and Brittany Jones.

French 7 – Nathan Milford and Alexandrea Hartgerink
French 8 – Hayley Fast and Maeve Rothlin
French 9 – Maisa Danaf and Kristen Pundyk

Grade 10 Honour Role with Distinction – Simon Burke, Matthew Kenney, Stephanie Duarte-Pedrosa, Anna Koevoet and Sady Milford
Grade 10 Honour Roll – Derick Jimenez, Cholyee Pearson, Betty Wong, Meghan Merritt, Megan Koevoet, Ariana Pool, Aislyn Weelock, Danad Wanagot, Megan Lahoda, Jacob Stafford, Teana Zwicker

Peer Tutor Award
Grade 7 – Noah Schuh Elana Takchuk, Nathan Milford, Alex Hargerink, Lyndon Ewan, Jace Lewis
Grade 8 – Honour Roll – Meghan Tarcon, Tori Wkaluk, Ashley Enefer, Maeve Rothlin, Rachelyn Pinkerton and Lewis Rogers
Grade 9 – Maisa Danaf, Meghan Tkachus, Reece Brown and Kristen Pundyk
Grade 10 – Stephanie Duarte-Pedrosa, Chlyee Allsop-Pearson, Sady Milford, Anna Koevoet and Ryanna Kizan

Grade 11 Honour Roll with Distinction – Liam Arbuckle
Grade 11 Honour Roll – Kaitlin Collins, Andee Groat, Kaitly Morency, Emily Putzi-Perrault, Daphone Yoner, Sascha Danaf, Rain Inaba, Shelby Norman, Moriah Schuh, Keynan Fraser, Hannah Loseth Jocelynn Proulx and Shannon Tkachuk
Grade 11 Merit Award – Kirstin Draper, Alyssa Michalski and Evan Reno

Pursuit of Excellence
Grade 7 –Kennedy Blakey, Sarry Farrage, Elean Tkachuk and Kyler Olsen
Grade 8 – Ashley Enefer, Ethan Wall, Tori Wakaluk and Maeve Rothlin
Grade 9 – Natasha Gault, Cole Draper, Kristen Pundyk and Reece Brown

Top Academic Mark
Grade 7 – Elana Tkachuk
Grade 8 – Ashley Enefer
Grade 9 – Kristen Pundyk
Grade 10 – Anna Koevoet
Grade 11 – Lain Arbuckle
Grade 12 – Aislinn Maguire

September 23rd ~ Vol. 85 No. 37
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