October 14th, 2015 ~ Vol. 85 No. 40
Foothills riding candidates square off in Pincher Creek
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Economy, environment, agriculture and governance dominated the conversation at the Pincher Creek candidates’ forum for the Foothills riding. Five of the six entrants discussed their platforms and answered questions for a packed house of over 135 constituents at the Heritage Inn on Oct. 8.

Moderator David Green started the evening off by introducing the newly formed Foothills riding, which consists of 105,000 people for a population density of 5.1 people per square kilometre with a median age of 41. Green allotted 15 minutes for each candidate to introduce themselves.

New Democrat candidate Alison Thompson went first, followed by the Green’s Romy Tittel, Marc Slingerland of the Christian Heritage Party, Conservative candidate John Barlow and Tanya MacPherson of the Liberal Party.

Alison Thompson:

“For me this election is about a choice,” said Thompson, a chemical engineer and renewable energy advocate who has lived in Pincher Creek twice. “We can choose to stay with the status quo and have more of that or we can choose change. As the NDP candidate for Foothills I'm ready for change and I invite everyone who is interested in hearing about some new opportunities and some change to be ready for that as well.”
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Romy Tittel:

The Green candidate, who sells software to the oil and gas industry, is an artist and was the second women to become a journeyman electrician in the country, extolled her party’s six tenets: Ecological wisdom, sustainability, social justice, non-violence, respect for diversity and participatory government.

“We're the ones who brought [environmentalism] up in the public consciousness and fought for it to be part of our mainstream dialogue and I'm very proud to see the NDP and Liberal parties take on our ideas.”

Marc Slingerland:

The CHP candidate introduced his party’s Judeo-Christian principles, talked about reducing the size of the federal government and explained his pro-life stance.

“I suspect many of you have voted conservative in the past, expecting a Conservative government and unfortunately haven't gotten it,” he said.
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John Barlow:

The Conservative candidate who won the byelection last June after Ted Menzies vacated his seat in the Macleod riding, talked about keeping streets safe, strong leadership and supporting the oil and gas industry.

“This is an important election, not only for Canada but our riding of Foothills,” Barlow said. “It is one in which there is a very stark contrast between what is being promised by the Liberals and NDP, and what we have put forward.”

Tanya MacPherson:

The Liberal candidate and former research scientist called for evidence-based decision making in a challenging economy.

“Many Albertans are seeking a better future for themselves and their children,” MacPherson said. “I am running to be your Member of Parliament because of my desire for positive change.”
October 14th ~ Vol. 85 No. 40
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