November 18th, 2015 ~ Vol. 85 No. 45
Community committee pitches park in West Coleman
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70th Street and 19th Avenue, Coleman, AB Canada
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West Coleman Children’s Playground Committee (WCCPC) member Robin Loseth is saying parents in West Coleman don’t want their kids playing in the street.

“There have been several close calls with children almost being run over,” she said.

The committee held a meeting at Coleman Seniors Hall on Sept. 15 where Robin said she received positive feedback from citizens who want to see a playground built on the corner of 70th Street and 19th Avenue in Coleman

“A couple of the parents I talked to said it would be nice to have something just across the tracks,” she said.

At a Governance and Priorities Meeting on Nov. 10, representatives from the WCCPC requested council set aside the corner lot for a recreation area for kids.

According to a statement from the WCCPC, there had been a children’s playground at that location but it was torn down several years ago because the equipment was not up to code.

“A sign was put up at that time stating that new playground equipment was ordered and when it arrived, it would be installed,” said the statement.
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That never occurred. Since then, the children of West Coleman who want to go to a park have had to cross Highway 3 to reach Horace Allen School or the Pine View Park playground or make the trip to the Bushtown Playground.

Councillor Bill Kovach said he would be in favour of setting aside land for a park in West Coleman.

“I think it’s a great idea,” he said.

Kovach said there used to be more community parks in the Pass referring to two in Bellevue and one in Coleman and Blairmore that were closed within the last ten years.

WCCPC member Frank Loseth said he did not expect the municipality to contribute funds to rebuild the park but he wanted council’s approval for the project.

“Everybody wants to know where you guys are on this,” he said. “That is primary. We need you guys on board. Most people have to know now in the fall to secure labour and such for next year.”

He also hoped to use the municipality’s capital resources like machinery to help with construction.
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CAO Sheldon Steinke said the park would come up during discussions for the 2016 budget, which have already begun.

Council had already heard first reading of a bylaw to rezone the area where the park had been into a laneway, said Steinke.

“That has to come back to council,” he said.

Estimates from BDI Play Designs supplied at the request of the WCCPC said playground equipment would cost from about $17,000, for the low end Spring Breeze Composite apparatus to about $55,000 for the high end Eh to Zed! apparatus, not including site costs like surfacing and fencing.
November 18th ~ Vol. 85 No. 45
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