November 25th, 2015 ~ Vol. 85 No. 46
MP Barlow visits Boys and Girls Club
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MP John Barlow at the Crowsnest Pass Boys and Girls Club.
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Kids say the darndest things, learned a group of local politicians last week.

Foothills MP John Barlow and Councillors Bill Kovach and Shar Cartwright visited Isabelle Sellon School on Nov. 18 and faced questions from eleven youngsters of the Boys and Girls Club of the Crowsnest Pass.

The boys and girls grilled the local politicians on everything from Quebec sovereignty, to a new clubhouse, to an indoor municipal pool to what their favourite colours were.

Barlow fielded the first question from a child who asked what the best part of his job was.

“The best part of my job is meeting so many interesting people,” he responded.

He then took a question from a child who said the club needed a new bus.

“Well try and come up with some ideas to get a new bus,” replied Barlow.

The next child asked for funding for a new clubhouse. Boys and Girls Club program director Karey Lee clarified that the group meets in Pete’s Park in Blairmore for two months during the summer. They then hold activities in local schools for the rest of the year.

“What do you guys want?” quipped Barlow. “You have to rough it sometimes.”

“We don’t even have any money for our own buildings,” added councilor Cartwright. “But we will definitely keep our eyes open.”
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Another child asked whether the mayor and council were going to fix the arena and put a roof on the Pass’ community pool.

Kovach responded that council had put out a borrowing bylaw to fix the roof on the Coleman Sportsplex and the MDM Centre in Bellevue.

“We also put out another borrowing bylaw to look at a redesign of the outdoor pool we have but with no roof because that’s too costly,” he said. “We could be in the future getting a different pool if things work out.”

When asked what their favourite colours were, Kovach said his was green while Cartwright and Barlow responded that they liked blue.

In response to a question on the future of the province, Barlow said we needed to pay more attention to the energy industry and advocated for the construction of pipelines to transport Alberta bitumen.

“We have a lot of people being laid off right now,” he said. “Maybe some of your families are being affected by that.”

Cartwright said she hoped the municipality would have enough money to fix its roads and water infrastructure.

The politicians then turned the tables on the youths and asked what kinds of things they’d like to see for the community.

The kids made a flurry of requests that included more hockey, more lacrosse, more parks and a Walmart.
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“You know guys, we’re pretty fortunate here,” responded Kovach. “We have skating, we have swimming in the summertime, we have a ski hill, we do have quite a few parks, so we’re pretty lucky to have all those amenities in the Crowsnest Pass, some places don’t have as much as we do but we’ll continue to try and improve, that’s for sure.”

One club member asked what was the worst part about being a politician. Cartwright responded that, “the worst part is making decisions you know the community isn’t going to like but they have to be made, that’s the worst part. Like closing Albert Stella Arena.”

“So we can’t go there on Friday?” asked another member.

Cartwright assured the club member that the arena wouldn’t be closed until 2017, which was fine with him.

Another child was worried about Quebec separating from Canada but Barlow assured him that that wasn’t likely to happen anytime soon.

Then the politicians and the kids played a game devised by Boys and Girls Club program leader Kristin Welch called spaghetti towers where teams had ten minutes to build the tallest tower out of spaghetti and play dough. Barlow’s team won the game with a tower 45 centimetres high, Cartwright’s team came in second at 29 centimetres and Kovach’s team was a close third at 27 centimetres.
November 25th ~ Vol. 85 No. 46
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