January 13th, 2016 ~ Vol. 85 No. 2
Stand Up for Alberta rally coming to Pincher Creek
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Rachael Nelson, a business owner and mother of three, belongs to a ranching family and opposes Bill 6. But that’s not the reason she’s joined Stand Up For Alberta, a grassroots political group that opposes a host of NDP legislation.

The main reason she joined is a feeling that the province is giving her and her colleagues the government’s version of the silent treatment.

“It’s difficult for me to see a government go against very clear opposition,” she said. “We saw protests from farmers, convoys on highways and they protested in front of the legislature but we’re being ignored and I don’t feel that’s right.”

Political groups angered by Notley government will be holding a rally on Jan. 16 from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. at Pincher Creek’s Community Hall over objections to Bill 6, the provincial climate strategy and other NDP plans.
Guest speakers will include local farmers Broyce Jacobs and Bill Norton. Also in attendance will be George Clark, the founder of a group called Albertans First. Clark’s group and Stand Up For Alberta are collecting signatures for a petition calling on Lt.-Gov. Lois Mitchell to force a plebiscite on the NDP’s carbon tax and Bill 6.
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In two weeks about 2,500 volunteers collected over 100,000 signatures, said Nelson. She hopes to present the petition to Premier Rachel Notley Feb. 9, on the steps of the legislature in Edmonton.

“Thousands of Albertans are struggling and I feel it’s my responsibility to do whatever I possibly can to help those who are affected with the decisions being made by the NDP government,” she said.

Since the NDP won their first election ever in May 2015, groups like Albertan’s First, Stand Up For Alberta, No NDP Alberta and a handful of others have sprung up in opposition to pieces of their legislature. Bill 6, a controversial piece of legislation that would subject farms to safety legislation and require them to purchase workers’ compensation insurance, has become a special target for concerned farmers and ranchers.

“There was no consultation with farmers and there are certain elements of Bill 6 that will not be beneficial for farmers,” said Nelson. “Several friends of mine who are farmers have told me they would have to shut down if the bill passes. There’s no way they could bring their equipment up to the standards they are requiring without investing everything we have.”
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They’re also against the province’s $3 billion climate change strategy with carbon tax, increasing corporate taxes and Bill 36, which Nelson said would strip property rights from Albertans.

Stations for those who want to sign the petition opposing Bill 6 and the carbon tax have been set up in businesses around the community including Allied True Value Hardware, NAPA Auto Parts, Bella Hair Boutique, Bellevue Veterinary Clinic and Summit Home Centre.
January 13th ~ Vol. 85 No. 2
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