January 20th, 2016 ~ Vol. 86 No. 3
Stand Up for Alberta Rally held in Cowley
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Clarke takes possession of “kudatah,” promises a “celebration of democracy” on the steps of the legislature
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The English language might have its newest word thanks to George Clarke, founder of Albertans First, who is taking possession of the word “kudatah.”

“I fully understand a coup d’etat is a violent overthrow of a duly elected government,” said Clarke at a gathering in Pincher Creek on Jan. 16. “I am going to adopt the word kudatah and I’m going to make part of the lexicon. It’s going to be a proper word that will mean the suppression of an elected government in a totally democratic fashion, which makes them accountable to the will of the people.”

“People will be proud to call themselves part of a kudatah,” he said.

Last week, there were sarcastic calls for a "kudatah" against the NDP in Alberta in response to a woman’s suggestion of organizing a coup d'etat against the Notley government. But the commenter spelled the phrase wrong.

"We should over throw the NDP like a kudatah?" the user wrote, in the original comment.
“I hope you're aware 'kudatah' is not a word,” a second user replied.
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“If you can't spell coup d'etat, you probably don’t have the best odds of pulling one off,” wrote another.

The final commenter came to the poor speller's defence, declaring: "he spelled it in English, not in French."

“Coup d'etat” is a French term that literally means, "strike the state." People mocked the anti-Notely Facebook commenter but Clarke doesn’t think it’s so funny

“The people that support the NDP government and the socialist agenda, they spend a whole bunch of time mocking other people but they don’t delve into the issues,” he said. “I think its because they’re afraid what I’m doing will actually have a good result.”

About thirty people attended a political demonstration on Jan. 16 at Pincher Creek’s Community Hall as part of a huge petition drive. Clarke and his supporters plan to present thousands of signatures to the lieutenant governor on the steps of the Alberta legislature on Feb 9.

Their petition is asking for a plebiscite regarding the proposed carbon tax and the controversial Bill 6. Clarke said if his request for a plebiscite is denied he will enact a clause in the Elections Act that will see the NDP ousted. He did not elaborate on what that clause was, stating simply that was “going to go and have a celebration of democracy on the steps of the legislature.”

Clarke emphasized how his efforts stem from love. Love for his province and for his late mother who inspired him to campaign against the NDP.

“My mother was an aboriginal women’s advocate. She saved a lot of women. That was my motivation. That’s why what I’m doing is based on love,” he said.
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Event organizer Rachael Nelson, a business owner and mother of three, echoed those sentiments in her address to the assembled crowd.

“The reason that we decided to become active with Stand Up For Alberta and join [Clarke] in his quest for the plebiscite, is because of that love, because of our love for our families and our community and this province,” she said.

Nelson said she’s seen her family and neighbours join in convoys and town hall meetings trying to encourage the government to hear their concerns on Bill 6. She said those efforts went unnoticed.

“The reaction of the government, or lack there-of left me feeling hopeless and discouraged,” she said. “I came across these movements on Facebook and knew this was something I could do.”

Another speaker, Shannon Brown, gave a quick and mostly negative, synopsis of the NDP in Alberta. She said it was founded by radical prairie socialists and favours labour unions and high taxes.

“If we don't start standing up for our rights and freedoms now, we will end up at a point of no return where it will be very difficult to come back from,” said Brown. “The government is on a mission to take what they want.”

Broyce Jacobs, a former MLA, spoke out against Bill 6 saying “the devil is in the details.” He said similar legislation works in Saskatchewan and Manitoba but that it wouldn’t work in Alberta.

Bill Newton, a veterinarian and rancher, addressed the NDP’s climate strategy. He said the strategy and carbon tax would have a devastating effect on Alberta for a minimal benefit to the world’s climate.
January 20th ~ Vol. 86 No. 3
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