March 16th, 2016 ~ Vol. 85 No. 11
Draxlir kids a hit at Music Festival
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Rachel and Hannah Draxlir at the Crowsnest Pass Music Festival. Rachel, Eve, Esther, Hannah, Jennifer and little Ruth all took part in the Crowsnest Pass Music Festival.
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Move over Osmonds, the Draxlir family could be the next big thing in family music groups.

Ranging in ages from 10 months, to 17 years, the Draxlir children are united by their mother’s belief in the benefits of a musical education.

Isaac and Jennifer Draxlir have ten children. The five eldest are all trained pianists. The five youngest are not but they will be as soon as they’re old enough, said Jennifer.

On March 11, five of Jennifer’s daughters were at the Crowsnest Pass Public Art Gallery for the piano portion of the Crowsnest Pass Music Festival. After daughters Hannah, 17, and Rachel, 16, performed a duet, Jennifer reflected on why she wants all her children to play music and why the piano is the perfect place to start.

“I think that it helps children gain a lot of character because they have to learn how to do something that’s hard, something that’s boring, something that hurts,” she said. “They persevere and continue and triumph when they see that they can do it.”

“That’s why I want them to learn piano,” she continued. “So they can triumph in this small area and perhaps take that and use it in the rest of their lives and triumph when it’s hard.”
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The Draxlirs are allowed to play other instruments but they all begin with Piano. Jennifer said it’s a good way to lay the foundation for musical expression.

“Piano is a fabulous base for all music, you can understand theory and how music works. Your brain learns how to use either side of your body and then it’s easier to learn other instruments after that.”

Hannah and Rachel spoke about their performance.

“We were definitely nervous and shaky but it gets better when you get up there and you start playing,” said Rachel. “I think we have really good teachers and they know how to bring out the musicality in their students.”

Hannah, who also plays the Celtic harp, said she enjoys, “putting my emotions into it and being able to get the sound I like out of the instrument.”
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Esther, 14, said she’s been playing piano for seven years now and that her favourite musician right now is Frederic Chopin

Eve, 12, said she plays piano, sings and enjoys listening to Michael Buble.

Ruth, 3, the youngest Draxlir present said nothing but her sisters said she’s an excellent singer.

Adjudicator Lana Henchell was impressed with the performances.

“The kids have done a phenomenal job,” she said. “I’m really impressed with the level. I’m seeing a lot of good detail and attention to the score.”

Correction: a previous version of this article misspelled the family’s name as Drexler, when in fact it is Draxlir. We regret the error.
March 16th ~ Vol. 85 No. 11
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