April 6th, 2016 ~ Vol. 85 No. 14
Local man starts dating site
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You used an internet dating site like OkCupid, Tinder or Plenty of Fish and found yourself a significant other.

If only there was somewhere you could turn. A gathering place of some kind. A forum of information with ideas on how to care for and keep your significant other to remain in a healthy and adaptive relationship.
Once again: the internet.

Crowsnest entrepreneur Paul Cummings has launched a dating ideas website for adventurous couples who are established and love each other but have maybe run out of romantic weekend schemes.

“Through our research, we haven’t found another site like it,” said Cummings.

Cummings launched the dating ideas site called Enjoy Life Seek Adventure (ELSA) about five months ago with help from a Red Deer web developer.

“If people are having troubles and they want to know how to get out of a tough spot in their relationship, this can help them,” he said. “We want couples to do things together so they don’t grow apart.”

Cummings said it’s important for couples to continue spending time with each other even they’re busy with professional or family obligations.
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“I’ve heard stories of people who said they just grew apart,” he said. “They were so busy trying to earn a living and keep food on the table and they were doing different things and after ten years they didn’t recognize each other.”

To use the site, simply visit www.elsadateideas.com and register. Then you can peruse all the dating ideas, which range from road trips, to romantic meals to fun outdoor activities. If you and your partner can’t decide what to do, simply click on the ELSA icon and the site will randomly select a dating idea for you.

Users can also blog about their dating experiences and leave testimonials for other couples.

“We just go out and do it,” said Cummings. “We usually have everything packed and ready to go.”

Cummings suggest for both partners to put down a couples ideas each on their “Personalized Date Idea Wall”, click on the ELSA icon, and it will choose the date you are going to go on. When your date is over you can write it into the “Record Your Journey” section. Then do it all over again. The website has over 400 different date ideas to choose from or the users can write down their own ideas.
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He created the site based on a concept he practices with his wife Lana Ross, he said. If the two of them want to go out on a date, they’ll both write down an idea on a slip of paper, insert the slips into a large glass head-jar, which they’ve named Elsa, and randomly choose one of the slips. Whichever they choose is the activity they’ll do for the date, no questions asked.

They purchased their glass head-jar a few years ago. Cummings said they were originally going to name it Einstein but when it turned out to be a female head. They did a little research and learned that Albert Einstein’s second wife was named Elsa, which also made it easier to invent their clever acronym.

Cummings hopes to one day expand the site and monetize it.

“[It] will be bigger, better and couples will be able to communicate with other couples to share ideas on dating or to help on relationship struggles. The website might also have places advertising adventure to attract your attention as well.”
April 6th ~ Vol. 85 No. 14
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