May 4th, 2016 ~ Vol. 85 No. 18
Sources say new seniors’ lodge will be built in former Coleman trailer park
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Sources tell the Pass Herald that the new seniors’ lodge will be built behind the Crowsenst Pass Sports Complext in Coleman.
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The community’s new seniors’ lodge will be built in Coleman behind the Crowsnest Pass Sports Complex, say sources close to the Herald.

On April 20, the Crowsnest Pass Senior Housing Board published a statement in the Pass Herald saying the community had been approved for a brand new 61-bed seniors’ lodge.

But the statement did not mention that the new lodge would be moved from its current location in Blairmore.

CAO Sheldon Steinke would not confirm the site location saying, “the final site location agreement would be a discussion point with council and the Seniors Housing Authority as soon as a meeting can be confirmed,” in an email.

But Tim Chu, press secretary with the Office of the Minister of Seniors and Housing, did confirm the new lodge would be built in Coleman.

“It made more sense to build a new lodge in Coleman as it was less disruptive for residents in Blairmore,” said Chu. “The construction of a new lodge will take less time and had support from both the municipality and the housing management body.”
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Crowsnest Pass Senior Housing was supportive of building a new lodge, he added.

In July 2014, the provincial and federal governments announced plans to renovate York Creek Lodge and pledged about $9.12 million.

A feasibility study undertaken by Seniors and Housing found building a new one would take less time and present fewer design challenges. It also said a rebuild would be less disruptive for residents.

“The feasibility of trying to renovate the existing lodge and keeping the people in the lodge was going to be extremely difficult,” said Joanne Drain, chairman of the Crowsnest Pass Senior Housing Board.

“The new lodge will be set up better for seniors with any limited abilities,” she added. “The rooms will be bigger, it’ll be a modern facility.”
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Drain dismissed suggestions that the new lodge would not be as centrally located as York Creek Lodge, which is within walking distance of Crowsnest Mall with its medical clinic and a grocery store. It’s also near the community hospital.

“Most of the seniors don’t go for groceries,” she said. “They’re being fed three meals a day at the lodge, though there might be the odd one that goes over.”

Drain added that the lodge has its own bus for transporting seniors’ to activities.

The new facility will be the first seniors’ lodge in Alberta to be built according to Leadership in Energy and Efficiency Design (LEED). The projected completion date is December 2017.
May 4th ~ Vol. 85 No. 18
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