May 25th, 2016 ~ Vol. 85 No. 21
A response to Town Talk from the board
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Dear Editor:
Letters to the Editor
A response to Town Talk from the board

The CNP Senior Housing board would like to share some facts with the community regarding York Creek Lodge and the proposed new lodge.

Residents living in YCL are not bed bound. Once a resident requires a two person lift, they are transferred to a facility that provides a higher level of care.

The Board was asked not to divulge the location of the new lodge, as all the details with the parcel of land had not been cleared. Should we have jeopardized the funding? The Provincial Government evaluated the lodge, as to do a major renovation or a new build. There were many obstacles with the renovations, the number one being how to accomplish major construction with the residents in place and no place to move them in the interim. Widening the existing hallways to accommodate walkers and wheelchairs was impossible. The final decision was to proceed with a new build, as there was not a big cost difference.
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The Government had 3 criteria for a new site: required 2.6 acres, had to be donated and land had to be serviced. The new location was the only parcel available to us that met that criteria. Originally in discussions with the government, the Board and the Municipality would have had to raise 11/2 to 2 million dollars which ultimately would have come from property taxes. NOW, the government is funding the entire project.

The railway tracks (possible derailment) and the river (flooding) has always been a concern for the Lodge. Also the safety of residents with the tracks and crossing the road to the mall. These issues will now be alleviated . The ambulance will not be delayed getting to the Lodge because of a train blocking the crossing. The Lodge does have a bus to transport the residents to shopping, social activities, banks & doctors’ appointments. Many of the doctors see patients at the Lodge on a regular basis and all the drugstores deliver. The library also visits the lodge on a regular basis. Presently, the bus is used on a continual basis. In fact, the residents’ association just purchased a newer bus which is more user friendly for walkers and wheel chairs.
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The Provincial government had the final decision as to the location. The Board thought long and hard before agreeing to the location but did not want to lose the project and all the funding. Unfortunately, we live in a long narrow corridor and large pieces of flat land are hard to come by.

Our seniors really do deserve to have a modern and comfortable place to live. The new rooms will be twice the size of the rooms now and all will have walk in showers.

Although everyone thinks the old hospital site would have been perfect, it was not available to us and some issues could be:

Do we really know where the load out for new mine will be? No one knows for sure where Highway 3 will be relocated down the road.

What a shame it would be to build a new building and then 10 years down the road have to move and rebuild. No one knows the impact of those two projects could have on that site.

Once all the plans have been finalized, there will be an open house for public viewing.

Should you, Lisa be willing to fund raise, we welcome you. The Lodge will require additional funds for furnishings and enhancements once completed.
May 25th ~ Vol. 85 No. 21
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