June 8th, 2016 ~ Vol. 85 No. 23
- Ed Gregor Stewarship
- My adventure in the
  Crowsnest Pass
- Fatal quad crash
  north of Coleman
- 50th annual Coal
  Miner Days to begin
- By-law discussions
  take place at the
  municipal open house
- RCMP Stats
- Classifieds
- Puzzle Page
- Pastor's Pen
- Online auction
- Cadet long service
  medals awarded
- New Grizzly bear
  recovery plan
- Question of the Week
- Darcy’s Nature Walk
  for mental health on
  June 11
- Spring Break hosts
- Mock accident teaches
  teens about drinking
  and driving
- Looking Back
- Kooteny Tae Kwon Do
- Letters to the Editor
- Bricks & Boquets
- EMS gets NAT van
- Fundrasier for Fort
- Crowsnest native
  named development
- Porsche in the Pass
- Lending a hand on Ed
  Gregor Stewardship Day
Crowsnest Pass Herald Front Page
Ed Gregor Stewarship Day
The 22nd Annual Ed Gregor Stewardship Day was a huge success with 62 volunteers signing up for multiple activites throughout the Crowsnest Pass. Pictured above is some traditional Ed Gregor Stewardship Day repair work being done on the Miner's Path in Coleman with Joe Trotz, with the shovel and Errol Kutcher kneeling.
Crowsnest Pass Weather
Story 1 - 160608 Crowsnest Pass Herald
By-law discussions take place at the municipal open house
The enforcement of bylaws is a new and exciting revenue stream for the municipality.
Since January a total of [...]
Story 3 - 160608 Crowsnest Pass Herald
New Grizzly bear recovery plan
Calgary, AB – A draft of the new Alberta Grizzly Bear Recovery Plan (2016-2021) was released yesterday and CPAWS Southern Alberta is hopeful that the new plan will mean on-the-ground changes towards reducing [...]
Story 4 - 160608 Crowsnest Pass Herald
Darcy’s Nature Walk for mental health on June 11
Healing has been a long time coming for Randi Lynn Rinaldi and her family.
“We watched our mother struggle with depression all our lives but didn’t really understand what it was when we were younger,” says Randi Lynn who, as a young girl, watched her [...]
Story 5 - 160608 Crowsnest Pass Herald
Mock accident teaches teens about drinking and driving
On June 2, Alberta Health Service, the RCMP, Crowsnest Pass Fire/Rescue and Fantin’s Funeral Chapel worked together to educate local youth on safe driving.
The organizations collaborated on [...]
Looking Back by John Kinnear
Looking Back at High School Graduation Memories
So this coming July long weekend former graduates from the years 1960 to 1975 in Crowsnest Pass high schools will gather together to reminisce and bring each other up to date on what has happened since they went [...]
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Previous Issues
Story 1 - 160601 Crowsnest Pass Herald
Boys and Girls Club gearing up for a wheel good time
Grayson Bellerose stood near the Blairmore gazebo staring up at a brand new mountain bike.
His peers were doing [...]
Story 2 - 160601 Crowsnest Pass Herald
Riversdale Resources public update
Last year, Benga Mining, a subsidiary of Riversdale Resources, filed applications for provincial and federal approval of the Grassy Mountain Coal Mine project. The application package included [...]
Story 3 - 160601 Crowsnest Pass Herald
Limiting backcountry motorization
On May 26, over 100 stakeholders including loggers, ranchers, miners and environmentalists gathered in Blairmore’s Elks Hall to discuss [...]
Story 4 - 160601 Crowsnest Pass Herald
With the industry in flux, new postmaster takes charge
Incoming, outgoing and parcel services. Kim Miskulin, the new postmaster at the Blairmore Post Office, does it all.
“It’s a [...]
Story 5 - 160601 Crowsnest Pass Herald
Over 100 citizens join the Wilmots to fight cystic fibrosis
A smile on his face, an untied shoelace - his sister playing soccer nearby – the six-year old broke through the finish line, well ahead of many other participants. You wouldn’t have guessed [...]
Story 1 - 160525 Crowsnest Pass Herald
Senior housing board suggest lodge location is a provincial issue
Council and the Crowsnest Pass Senior Housing Board say the provincial government is making the decision to relocate the community’s seniors’ lodge to Coleman.
There has been no [...]
Story 2 - 160525 Crowsnest Pass Herald
Council compromises on parking
With a decision to lift parking restrictions from portions of 79th Street in Coleman, council is trying to [...]
Story 3 - 160525 Crowsnest Pass Herald
Crowsnest athletes to face B.C. rivals in ABC Border Bowl
They worked hard, made the cut and soon a few local athletes will get a chance to pit their gridiron skills against cross border rivals.
“For kids in Alberta, there’s no other [...]
Story 4 - 160525 Crowsnest Pass Herald
A response to Town Talk from the board
The CNP Senior Housing board would like to share some facts with the community regarding York Creek Lodge and the proposed new lodge.
Residents living in [...]
Story 5 - 160525 Crowsnest Pass Herald
Pass resident brought out of retirement to help fight Fort Mac fire
Retirement will have to wait for Darryl Johnson.
A fire, which has come to be known as "the beast," that destroyed 2,400 homes and businesses, and displaced upward of [...]
Looking Back by John Kinnear
Tracing the Mighty "Stag" River
So I thought it might be interesting to cast a glance westward from the complicated drainages that make up the “Flow of the Crow” that were examined in a recent five part series and instead study the [...]
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June 8th ~ Vol. 85 No. 23
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