July 20th, 2016 ~ Vol. 85 No. 29
Piranha swimmers shine at swim meet
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Matt Peterson Photo
Olivia Collings, diving off the blocks against a Pincher Creek Dolphin.
Pass Herald Staff
Smelling blood in the water, the Pass Piranha Swim Team put on their best performance of the year at the Crowsnest Community Swimming Pool on July 15 and 16.

Despite the cold and rainy weather the team walked away with over 50 personal best times.

“We did really well,” says Piranhas swim coach Cole Midtdal. "We had a number of our top swimmer disqualified for false starts. Zoe Civitarese would have won a first place in one of her events without the false start and Quinn Douglas would have had three extra first place finishes. They were racing. It's good to get those false starts out of the way before our Regional Championships at the begining of August."

The Crowsnest swimmers range in age from their mid forties, to just above toddler. One of the weekend’s competitors was just three-years old.

Eight teams and about 205 swimmers from all over Southern Alberta participated in the Crowsnest Pass Piranhas Invitational.
Many of the Piranhas were participating in their first competitive swim and everyone came out a winner for just participating.
The following is a list of results for swimmers from the club.
Taylor Amos, 6th in 50m Breast, 100m breast, and 50m free and 8th in 100m IM.
Ethan Ballak, 1st in 50m breast, 100m breast, 50m fly and 50m back.
Tiegann Bates, 10th in 25m back, 13th in 50m free and 15th in 25m free.
Samantha Bleich, 1st in 50m back, 100m IM, 50m fly and 100m back.
Madison Burton, 11th in 25m flutterboard, 5th in 50m free and 8th in 50m back
Ember Campbell, 5th in 50m free and 8th in 50m back.
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Zoe Civitarese, 1st in 100m breast, 50m free and 4th in 100m IM.
Olivia Collings, 1st in 50m breast, 100m free and 2nd in 100m breast and 50m free.
Austen Crombie, 4th in 25m flutterboard.
Neleta Crombie, 8th in 25m free and 11th in 25m back.
Bryar Cytko, 22nd in 25m back and 25th in 25m free.
Aiden Douglas, 1st in 1500m free, 2nd in 50m fly, 3rd in 50m free and 4th in 100m free.
Quinn Douglas, 1st in 100m IM.
Alex Ewen, 2nd in 50m back, 3rd in 50m free and 100m breast and 5th in 50m breast.
Lyndon Ewen, 1st in 200m free and 400m free, 2nd in 100m IM and 3rd in 100m free.
Tristan Ewen, 1st in 100m free, 2nd in 25m breast and 50m breast and 3rd in 50m free.
Peyton Hammer, 1st in 50m breast, 2nd in 25m breast, 9th in 50m free and 15th in 25m back.
Emma Harrington, 7th in 50m back, 8th in 50m free and 9th in 25m breast.
Makenzie Herman, 12th in 25m flutterboard and 19th in 25m free.
Sophia Herman, 13th in 25m back.
Jaiden Lebsack, 13th in 25m back and 16th in 25m free.
Jorja Mercer-Penney, 1st in 50m breast, 2nd in 100m breast and 2nd in 200m IM and 5th in 100m IM.
Cole Midtdal, 1st in 50m free and 100m free.
Blayke Ostrensky, 10th in 25m free.
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Hudson Ostrensky, 6th in 25 flutterboard.
Jaiven Pedersen, 9th in 25m flutterboard.
Ella Peebles, 10th in 25m flutterboard.
Oliver Peterson, 5th in 25m flutterboard.
Ruan Peterson, 2nd in 25m free and 50m free.
Reed Plosz, 7th in 25m free and 25m back.
Devon Reeve, 5th in 50m back, 7th in 25 back and 12th in 50m free.
Hailey Reeve, 7th in 50m breast and 100m breast and 8th in 50m free.
Marissa Syryca, 8th in 25, back and 10th in 25m free.
Spencer Taggart, 8th in 25m back and 9th in 25m free.
Claudia Van deer veen, 2nd in 25 fly, 100m IM, 50m fly and 3rd in 200m free.
Colette Van deer veen, 1st in 25m free, 25m breast, 50 free and 25m back.
Detlev van der veen, 1st in 50m breast.
Jenn Van deer even, 1st in 50m breast, 2nd in 50m back and 5th in 50m free.
Maya Veldman, 17th in 50m free and 19th in 25m back.
Jaylyn Wilson, 3rd in 50m breast, 4th in 50m back, 25m breast and 25m fly.
Finbar Wood, 13th in 50m free.
July 20th ~ Vol. 85 No. 29
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