September 21st, 2016 ~ Vol. 85 No. 37
Piranhas celebrate successful season
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Sam Bleich and Ethan Ballak win Female and Male swimmer of the Year.
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What a season for the Pass Piranha Swim Club.

Their pond is small, outdoor and is currently under construction, but the local team proved to be made up of big fish as they schooled the competition.

The numbers speak for themselves.

Twenty out of 23 Piranhas qualified for the Alberta Summer Swimming Association (ASSA) provincials in Edmonton that occurred August 19-21 where the team won four individual medals and one relay medal.

“It was a great way to finish off the season,” said Pass Piranha swim coach Cole Midtdal. “I knew coming into the season that there was a lot of things we needed to work on but I think it was a really successful year for us.”

Midtal is a University of Lethbridge student and varsity athlete who landed a summer job coaching the swim club. He said he intends to coach again next year.

The ASSA ranked Crowsnest Pass the third best small team in Alberta behind the first place Pincher Creek Dolphins and second place Wetaskiwin Olympians.

Piranhas swim coach Detlev van der Veen hopes that next year the team can do better and maybe win best small club in Alberta.
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“I think we’re excited for next year,” he said. “We’ve got a new facility and a new pool and that’s going to drive our kids to the next level.”

The Crowsnest Pass Swimming Pool is being rebuilt over the winter and is scheduled for completion on July 1, which means the Piranhas will be training in Pincher Creek for the first half of next season while the Pass’s community pool is rebuilt.

The ASSA has 3301 swimmers from 58 clubs registered within the province, broken into six swimming zones. From a regional competition, each zone sends their top two swimmers to provincials.

Team Results for the Piranhas at the provincial championships:

Ethan Ballak
3rd in 100m breast, 3rd in 50m breast and 5th in 50m back.

Samantha Bleich
3rd in 100m back, 4th in 100m IM and 6th in 50m back.

Zoe Civitarese
3rd in 100m breast, 5th in 50m breast, 11th in 100m IM and 11th in 50m free.

Olivia Collings
4th in 50m breast and 5th in 100m breast.

Quinn Douglas
7th in 50m back, 10th in 25m back and 14th in 100m IM.

Alex Ewen
14th in 50m breast.
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Lyndon Ewen
14th in 50m breast, 6th 200m free and 6th in 400m free.

Tristan Ewen
8th in 100m free, 13th in 50m free and 14th in 25m breast.

Peyton Hammer
11th in 50m breast.

Alexandra Harrington
14th 200m free.

Jorja Mercer-Penney
13th in 200m IM.

Cole Midtal
5th 100m free, 5th 50m back, 7th 50 free and 8th 50m fly.

Claudia van der Veen
5th in 25m fly, 6th in 50m fly and 10th in 50m free.

Colette van der Veen
3rd 25m back, 3rd 25m free and 4th in 50m free.

Detlev van der Veen
10th in 50m breast.

Jaylyn Wilson
9th in 50m breast and 10th in 25m breast.
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September 21st ~ Vol. 85 No. 37
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