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Coffee with a certified life coach
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Courtney Cann is a Certified DreamBuilder Coach and a business partner of Mary Morrissey, of LifeSOULutions.
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Who can provide you with insights on how to live your best life? Courtney Cann can.

Cann is a life coach. She is certified by the Life Mastery Institute and works with people to help them realize their dreams and create richer, more fulfilling lives. The Life Mastery Institute is a California based training center for life coaches.

Cann is also a teacher and a coach for young athletes at Isabelle Sellon School.

The Pass Herald Herald caught up with Cann and asked her about the life coaching scene, teaching and her dreams for the future.

Q: What does a life coach do?
A: As a life coach I work with individuals or groups of people and help them discover their dreams and what truly makes them come alive as people. What makes them want to wake up in the morning. I help them discover that and then help them turn whatever that is into the reality of their lives.

Q: Hold old are you?
A: I just turned 30 in September.

Q: Do you think you’re a little young to be a life coach?
A: It was a worry of mine in the beginning but I live and study this very intensely. The results I’ve experienced in my own life are evidence of what can happen when you tap into this system of success. It can be monetary success, a successful family or a relationship. It doesn’t matter. Success is when you’re actively working toward something.
So many of us let others define what success should mean for us. And then we bring ourselves down because we’re not living up to their standards. I’ve learned that that gets you nowhere in life.
Once I adopted this other mindset of what success is, which is actively pursuing a goal and putting your all into it and growing and pushing yourself out of your comfort zone, that’s success. And I’m confident that I’m able to coach people to do the exact same thing in their lives.
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Q: Can you talk about your qualifications?
A: I’m certified through the Life Mastery Institute. They’re based out of California. I also have a bachelor of education.

Q: So why would a person hire a life coach?
A: The thing about life coaching is that you don’t necessarily have to come with a problem. It’s not therapy. It’s more that you recognize that there’s something in you that you want to experience in your life.
Some people do come because they’re feeling stuck in life. They don’t have a direction and they want to start to feel purpose and passion. I help people discover what their vision is.

Q: Have you ever worked with a life coach?
A: Yes. I had nothing to complain about but I felt there was something I couldn’t quite figure out.
We don’t have the option of not creating our lives. We either create them by design or we create them by default. By simply waking up and going through your day, you’ve created a day.
The people I work with want to create a life by design so it is the life you are choosing to live, not the life that’s living you.

Q: You are also a coach of other things.
A: I’m a teacher at ISS. I joke with my classes that they’re so lucky because they get a free life coach for a year. It’s amazing to see how open and receptive kids are to ways of thinking that adults have closed their minds off to.
In so many ways the kids I work with create their own lives because kids are so imaginative. It’s very rewarding to work with students.
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Q: How can people find out if you’re the right life coach for them?
A: I offer free workshops so people can see a snapshot of what I do. We look at patterns of thinking and switching them. They’re free to the public. I run those about once every three months. They’re called Vision Workshops.
If people are curious about it I also offer free one-hour sessions.

Q: What are your dreams for the future?
A: My dream is go from school to school or stadium to stadium and run workshops. I want to teach kids how they can actively create their lives before they get into the real world and get stuck in the routine of looking to other people and society to understand what success means. Kids understand happiness and success in its purest form and as we grow up, it kind of gets taught out of us.

For more information visit courtneycann. or search Courtney Cann Dreambuilder Coach on Facebook.
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November 9th ~ Vol. 85 No. 48
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