December 14th, 2016 ~ Vol. 85 No. 49
New Manager of Utilties hired for town
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Jason Ogertschnig gets comfortable behind his desk as the municipality's new Manager of Utilities.
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The Municipality of Crowsnest Pass welcomed Jason Ogertschnig as the new Manager of Utilities on Dec. 5.

The position will have Ogertschnig plan for and supervise the water maintenance and treatment for the municipality. He will work closely with the operators and Patrick Thomas, the Director of Development of Engineering & Operations. “In the summertime, I will be working with the public works crew for any maintenance on the collection and distribution systems,” adds Ogertschnig. “The rest of the year, it will be mostly overseeing the operations of the water and wastewater treatment plant.”

Ogertschnig has diplomas in Renewable Resource Management, and Environmental Assessment and Restoration from Lethbridge Community College. He has over a decade of experience in water waste and water treatment. “I have experience working with a lot of different end points and different levels of interest, regulations and guidelines. I’ve definitely seen almost every type of system in Alberta, at least,” he says.
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Most recently, he worked as a Water Systems Operator with CORIX Group of Companies in Calgary. He has a large general background in almost all forms of water waste and water treatment, his experience extending to both the public and private sectors, as well as in the industrial and food processing divisions.

Even with his years of experience, he says that the role does not come without its challenges. “I have been in supervisory roles before, but it was more hands-on. With the setup here, with management being non-union and the workers being union, it’ll be more of a hands-off position. I would plan the job, and then I would do the job, whereas here, I’ll plan the job and supervise the doing of the job.”

With only a little over a week on the job, he already has a vision for improving processes within the department. “I’ll definitely be trying to centralize and update the procedure system and the documentation system,” he says. “Centralizing all our documentation and getting all the physical plant information into our electronic system is what I’m tackling at the moment.”
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Originally from the Crownsnest Pass, Ogertschnig moved away in elementary school. Still having a lot of family in the area, the opportunity to be closer to them was a great motivator in choosing this position. “I’ve already seen more family in the last week than I have had the chance in the last year,” he says.

Ogertschnig says that he’s had a “wonderful” first week. “Everybody’s been great and I’m looking forward to working with them a lot more.”
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December 14th ~ Vol. 85 No. 49
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