December 14th, 2016 ~ Vol. 85 No. 49
Jesse Fox is the Pass’ new Fire Chief
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Jesse Fox is the municipality's new manager of Protective Services/Fire Chief.
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Crowsnest Pass residents know how engaged and committed to service our Fire Department is in the community, but the municipality’s new Fire Chief/Manager of Protective Services Jesse Fox says it’s on his agenda to make sure other communities know this, as well.

“I want other municipalities and counties know about the good that we are doing,” says Fox. “We want to really be public in our profile. We would like to be a fire department and emergency services that other departments would mimic.”

Fox says the department will be boosting their visibility in the social media arena and continue improving their brand. “It’s important to have a good reputation,” he says. “We will continue to strengthen that we do add value in the community and we are striving to provide that high level of service.”

As Fire Chief and Manager of Protective Services, Fox is responsible for the administration and direction of the Fire Department. “Providing as high of a level of public safety as possible is our number one mission as we work for the residents of the municipality,” says Fox. “My job is to come in here and make sure that everything is running smoothly.”
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He started the position in November.

Fox has over 25 years of experience in fire safety and is relocating from Fort McMurray, where he was working in the energy sector as Fire Captain with Nexen Energy. Prior to that, he worked as a Fire Training Officer at Lakeland College in Vermilion and, most impressively, spent 20 years working as a Firefighter and Crew Chief with the Department of National Defense. Fox has a Master’s degree in Disaster and Emergency Management.

Now into his second month of working in the Pass, Fox is happy to note that the community has welcomed him. “It’s been fantastic. I’ve had nothing but positive interactions with everybody. People have been inviting me over for supper and wanting to get to know who I am.”
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Fox also had very positive things to say about his team. “It’s such a good, professional group of people that I’ve worked with and that I’ve met. That just makes my job completely easier. There’s been a ton of skills training that they’ve already undertaken.”

“It’s a spectacular natural environment,” adds Fox, referring to Crowsnest Pass. “I don’t know if you can find a prettier place in Alberta than here.”

Fox has come to Crownsnest Pass with his wife Lisa and daughter Kaleigh, in grade three. “Everybody knows who we are and there’s a positivity in this community that’s incredible,” says Fox.
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December 14th ~ Vol. 85 No. 49
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