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Friends and Neighbours
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This lucky lady has lived in the Pass all of her life. She is a fourth-generation Pass person, her ancestors having arrived in Hillcrest in 1905. They had moved to a location just at the river bottom, in close proximity to the bridge. Born in Blairmore, she spent her early years in Bellevue. She and husband Aaron now reside in a house that is right across the street from his childhood Hillcrest home.

Kim excelled in sports in high school, and her 20-year old daughter, Kiana, and17-year old son, Colton, both take after their super-athletic mom. When not working in the library, Kiana coaches gymnastics; Colton excels at basketball, volleyball and soccer. Kim specialized in volleyball and baseball, and played on the boys' baseball team because she was just so good at manning second base. Last year, Kim coached the senior volleyball boys team. Her dad, as it happens, was a professional-quality ice-skater/ hockey player. Before age 10, Kim would regularly skate at the rink in Bellevue, with rink manager Bodio kindly tying up her skates every time. She aspired to becoming a speed skater.

However, that is not the whole sports story. Kim has also been an avid skier and an incredibly effective lifeguard. Her first job was lifeguarding at the pool at age 15; in winter, she would switch to working at the ski hill, and loved the night-skiing. Kim also was a lifeguard at the Pincher Creek pool when it first opened 16 years ago, and at the pool in Fort St. John. After high school, Kim studied Community Service and Business Administration at Lethbridge College.
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Kim studied Community Service and Business Administration at Lethbridge College.

Aaron runs his own drywall company, while Kim has been working at the local Post Office for a decade. As Kim is a people person 100 per cent, she claims that it is the ideal job for her. Being kind and caring to everyone she meets, is what gives her the most joy in life. Kim has also been a staple at the Boys and Girls Club, where she has worn all the hats: grant writer, executive director, and programmer. So committed is she to improving the lives of young folk, that Kim cannot believe that she has been paid for such a worthwhile endeavour.

Down Time

Kim enjoys travel, and is eager to learn as much as she can about different cultures and their histories. A trip to Halifax was especially enjoyable; and Wales, with its many castles, and Quebec are two of her future destinations. Exploring the rest of Canada coast to coast is bound to happen soon, for Kim firmly believes that broad-based learning should be a lifelong experience. Reading more history books is another item on her to-do list; and vegetable gardening is the cherished pastime for the Miskulins. When asked what they grow, “Everything” is her reply.
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Mother Nature + Spirituality = Wellness

Being close to nature is what Kim considers a life's necessity, and the couple's two Australian Shepherds guarantee that they spend many hours communing with the outdoors. Having a little bit of First Nations ethnicity in her European background, Kim values not only their close connection to nature, but also their sense of traditional spirituality. On that note, Kim also finds time to advocate for and share with others, whenever possible, something called doTERRA essential oils. They apparently have naturally healing properties.

“Spiritual” Coach

Not one to ever forget to be grateful to those who helped guide her towards her deeply felt values, Kim mentions her Brownie troop leader and numerous sports coaches, all of whom helped her to become a better person. In turn, Kim does her best to give back by helping young people to realize their full potential, to develop self-respect, and to have a confident voice in the world. She also helps them discover how important it is to give encouragement and to others. Simply put, Kim Miskulin really “believes in youth.”

Finally, besides her trademark kindness, Kim enjoys playing delightful practical jokes on friends – like the time she created silly bumper stickers for their cars. Then, there was the time she wrapped a friends jeep entirely in Saran Wrap; and another friend's car was similarly shrouded in plastic wrap. However, it was also covered in hearts. Hearts and humour . . . . a perfect character description of one Kim Miskulin.

Jocelyn Thomas is an artist and writer who lives in Blairmore.
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