March 15th, 2017 ~ Vol. 87 No. 11
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York Creek Lodge land re-designation

Council received a request to re-designate a portion of York Creek Lodge land from “Recreation & Open Space – RO-1” to “Residential – R-1” to provide for the opportunity for residential development of a single family dwelling on the site. Council rejected the proposal in favour of retaining the lot as land designated for “Recreation & Open Space.”

Council discussed the fact that although York Creek Lodge may be relocating, the Tecumseh Mountain Manor will be remaining on the property and it may be beneficial to preserve the land for the installation of an outdoor space for the residents.

“Tecumseh manor is still there, and I think Alberta Housing should keep it as recreational,” said Councillor Doreen Glavin. “Wouldn’t it be nice in hindsight to keep it for benches and picnic tables?”

Ducks Unlimited funding request

Ducks Unlimited Crowsnest Pass appeared before Council to request support in the sum of $1,228 for their Dinner and Auction event on April 8 at the MDM Community Centre. Council has voted to provide the financial support on the condition that the organization submit a financial statement for the event. Ducks Unlimited is a non-profit group focusing on the conservation, restoration and management of wetland habitats for North America’s waterfowl.
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Hillcrest-Bellevue intersection

Crowsnest Pass resident Helen Ehlert submitted a letter to Mayor and Council expressing a request to consider the installation of a traffic light at the Hillcrest and Bellevue exit along Highway 3.

“We just had a tragic death recently at this exit plus many accidents we have had when people try to enter the highway,” wrote Ehlert in the letter. “I have lived here in Hillcrest for 20 years and find entering from Hillcrest on to the highway is very dangerous at times.”

Mayor Blair Painter indicated that the highway is controlled by Alberta Transportation, not the municipality.

Councillor Filipuzzi noted that the speed limit in that area has been discussed at Council before, and several road sections were brought forth as areas of concern, namely the Highway 3 stretch entering Coleman by the Servus Credit Union, and going through the Frank Slide on Highway 3. Filipuzzi remarked that lowering the speed limit down to 80 km/hour may be “the second best alternative.”

Councillor Dean Ward agreed, noting that with the installation of traffic lights at the intersection in Blairmore in front of Tim Hortons, people are speeding up to 100 km/hour only to slow down a short time later once they enter Coleman.

Council passed a motion to bring back the ISL Engineering and Land Services Ltd. study for further review to better address the matter. ISL has been hired to conduct road assessments in past years.
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Blairmore Lions Club request for Hailey’s Fund support

The Blairmore Lions Club has requested a sum of $10,000 to cover installation costs of playground equipment in the Blairmore Lions Park in memory of Terry Blanchette and Hailey Dunbar-Blanchette. The Lions Club has received $40,000 in donations and grants to finance the equipment, and the municipal funds would only go towards installation costs.

Council voted to bring back the matter at the next budget meeting and attempt to find up to $10,000 necessary to support the project.

“It’s a special project, and a special circumstance,” said Councillor Filipuzzi.
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March 15th, 2017 ~ Vol. 87 No. 11
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