April 26th, 2017 ~ Vol. 87 No. 17
New banners unite Crowsnest Pass
A new try at highlighting town individuality
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A municipal employee hanging up the Bellevue banner. Strickland would like to acknowledge the Administration for all their help with the project, Council for their support and the public works employees for performing the work.
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As Crowsnest Pass continues to establish itself as a single town with five identities, the Economic Development Committee (EDC) has given it a push in the right direction with the erection of new banners along Highway 3.

Fourteen banners were strategically placed at key entrances to Bellevue, Blairmore, Coleman, Frank and Hillcrest that state the name of the town. In Coleman, keep your eyes open for banners by Flumerfelt Park, at centre access to Blairmore, at Pure Country Bar & Grill, and the centre access to Hillcrest and Bellevue.

“They are placed at those specific intersections to make the biggest impact and highlight where somebody might want to turn into to explore the Crowsnest Pass more,” says EDC member John Redekopp, who spearheaded the project.

Another goal with the banners is to promote all communities within Crowsnest Pass and communicate the fact that while CNP it’s a cohesive unit, each community has something unique to offer.
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“The conclusion that our committee came up with is that it’s five communities under the umbrella of the Crowsnest Pass because every community is important and every community has something to offer,” says Strickland. “We want to let the tourists and the public know that there are five communities within the Crowsnest Pass. Since amalgamation of the Crowsnest Pass in 1969, we’ve always tried to say we are one community, but through that process, we still have these individual identities.”

But the EDC has a broader goal for the banners, envisioning them as a tool to beautify the community, show Crowsnest pride, and attract tourism and new commerce to the area.

“Everybody would like to see more businesses, but a lot of times that happens with people discovering a place and thinking, ‘This is neat, maybe we can set up shop here,’” says Redekopp. “The committee would like to see more for beautification. The municipality and Council are so busy dealing with things that you can’t see, like underground water and sewers, which is needed, but it doesn’t do anything in terms of trying to attract more visitors.”
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The UV-coated banners were strategically designed to withstand Southern Alberta winds and weather conditions. Visually, they were designed by local artist Nichole Yanota.

Mounting the banners was one out of three stages. The next step is to paint the poles blue in the municipality colours to make them stand out, and stage three will involve landscaping around the posts to make them more visually pleasing and prominent.

“We were looking for an affordable way to make an impact,” says Redekopp. “The whole idea behind it is because we’re not a rich municipality, we’re looking at things that we can do to make an impact that were affordable.”
April 26th, 2017 ~ Vol. 87 No. 17
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