June 14th, 2017 ~ Vol. 87 No. 24
Draft Strategic Plan : “2017 Moving Forward”
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Crowsnest Pass Municipal Council.
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Council has tentatively approved the 2017 Moving Forward Draft Strategic Plan at a Council meeting on June 6.

Chief Administrative Officer Lorrie O’Brien presented Council with the 2017 “Moving Forward” Draft Strategic Plan at a Council meeting on June 6. A motion made by Councillor Doreen Glavin was carried to tentatively approve the strategic plan until the information comes back from Administration regarding the community and committee engagement that follows. Council will then review the information, set the priorities and goals, and then may fully approve the plan.

The Strategic Plan “2017 Moving Forward” is a foundation document that outlines the Municipality’s vision for Crowsnest Pass and establishes four 5-year strategic goals to identify some of the critical priorities for Crowsnest Pass and summarizes the outcomes that have been achieved by this Council. Three days of discussions went into devising the plan whose purpose is to provide a clear focus for the future goals of the municipality.

The four strategic goals are: infrastructure, quality of life, economic development and diversity, and governance.
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The strategic plan will be used as a guide for Administration and Council to improve the quality of life for Crowsnest Pass residents. The document can be revisited annually by Council to reaffirm key strategic initiatives and to set priorities for Administration.

“The Strategic plan informs the budget process on a yearly basis and provides Administration a clear sense of what the strategic priorities of Council are. Developing and overseeing the implementation of a strategic plan is one of the most important things a municipal council can do as it lays the foundation for alignment with longer term plans,” informed the council package.

O’Brien noted that now is a good time to come up with a long-term strategic plan, regardless of the fact that municipal elections are just a few months ago.

Approving the plan now would enable the new Council to get their legs under them and will allow the newly elected Council to operate smoothly during the election transitional period. The new Council will inherit a clear, informed plan of future direction.
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The current plan would have no financial implication on the 2017 budget, but any 2018 budget implications would come back for Council approval. Next step after approval would be to incorporate and present plan to community and municipal groups to ensure they are all moving in the same direction. Once community groups are engaged, the next Council will determine the priorities from that engagement.

“Council has set the vision, the goals and the strategic initiatives. The committees will contribute to the actions to which Council is asking them to contribute. Any budget implications will then be conditioned as part of a 2018 budget request, at which time the new Council will be able to set the priorities within that financial scope. The only thing we’re engaging on is the goals and iniatives, bring that engagement back to council to inform the priorities,” said O’Brien.

Councillor Glavin expressed concern that more direction and discussion are needed surrounding establishing set priorities in order of importance in condescending order.

Councillor Dean Ward expressed concern that action is taken prematurely before the onset of a new Council, who may or may not have a completely different vision for the municipality than the current Council.

“I don’t have a problem with engaging or talking to all the groups, I’m just nervous that we start down a path that there might be seven different people sitting in this room five months from now that want to go in a whole totally new direction. We don’t know that,” he said, adding that he does not want to see this Council spend any money based off of the strategic plan.
June 14th, 2017 ~ Vol. 87 No. 24
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