June 21st, 2017 ~ Vol. 87 No. 25
The power of positive words
Life master coach Courtney Cann presents to Crowsnest Pass Chamber of Commerce
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Two years ago, the plant that life mastery coach Courtney Cann is holding was dying. After sticking positive words onto the pot, the plant recovered, demonstrating the power of positive words.
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You’ve probably heard that old adage, “You are what you eat.” According to certified life coach Courtney Cann, you are what you think, as well.

Her mission as a life coach, she says, is to help people discover how to live “retirement style lives” today, lives that feel like retirement even though we’re still working.

Cann’s presentation to the Chamber of Commerce on June 14 orbited around the power of words and how our choices in words depend on how happy, successful and fulfilled we are in our personal lives and in our businesses.

She started off with a story about a fisherman who measures each fish he catches against a broken stick, and if the fish is longer than the stick, he tosses it back in the water. If the fish is the same size or smaller, he tosses it into his bucket. When questioned about his actions, he replies, “The size of my frying pan at home is precisely this diameter so anything bigger, I have to throw back because it won’t fit into my frying pan.”

“It’s a beautiful analogy to how most of us are trained through our society and upbringing to think in a way that,” says Cann. “The stream of life often gives us these big opportunities, these big fish, and we take them and measure them according to the circumstances or the beliefs we have about ourselves according to the size of our frying pan, our bubble, our comfort zone.”

Cann offers four tips to that will get you and your business on the path to success, happiness and fulfillment.
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1 – Think positive.

Cann referenced the experiments of Japanese researcher Masaru Emoto, who claimed that emotional energies and vibrations have a direct effect on the molecular structure of water, and could change its physical structure.

Cann herself tried similar experiments herself where she targeted positive and negative words at matter. For one, she taped positive words to the pot of a dying plant, which resulted in it growing. An experiment she did with the Boys and Girls Club of Crowsnest Pass exposed two jars of cooked rice to either positive or negative words for the same amount of time. The rice in the jar with positive words remained nice and white, while the jar with negative words turned green, moldy and quite disgusting.

Based on these experiments, she says it’s important to recognize power behind words, as they have the power to change us at a molecular level.
“When we tell ourselves negative words, we get sick and our bodies start to decay,” she says. “The same goes for our businesses and our lives.”

2 – Pay attention to the words you’re using to describe yourself and your business.

The most powerful words in the English language are “I am”, says Cann, because what follows is essentially a prescription for your brain and your subconscious to create the life ahead of you that you’re going to be living.

The example she gives is the one we’re all guilty of saying every now and then: “I am tired.”

Essentially, she says you are setting yourself up for that what you are saying. Instead, focus on using positive language to describe whatever follows “I am…”

“Sure, you might be feeling tired and it may be a reflection of how you’re feeling, but it is also a blueprint for what you’re going to be feeling tomorrow and the next day,” she says.
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3- Cut out the words that you don’t want to be living.

“If you don’t want stress in your life, stop telling yourself that you’re stressed,” she says. “If you don’t want extra weight, stop telling yourself that you have extra weight. If you don’t want to be struggling in your business, tell yourself that you’re successful.”

4- Ask yourself big questions.

“We will never get bigger, better answers or more fulfillment in our lives if we ask ourselves questions that keep us down and are limiting, that are within our frying pan of what we already know,” she says.
June 21st, 2017 ~ Vol. 87 No. 25
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