June 21st, 2017 ~ Vol. 87 No. 25
Crowsnest Passtrak’s Provincial Championship results
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Ritch Braun
The number of age groups in track & field requires the province to split them in two for the purposes of the Provincial Championship. Competitions. The first instalment of the Championships took place in Leduc from June 9th - 11th. It involved the Tykes, (all athletes under 10 years old in 2017), the Peewees, (ages 10 & 11 in 2017) & the Bantams, (ages 12 & 13 in 2017). The meet also included a handful of events for the older athletes for practice purposes.

Passtrak had a total of 14 athletes participate in 92 events during the three day meet and each of them achieved a significant level of success. As a group they produced 32 life time best performances, set 22 new Passtrak club records and picked up seven medals along the way.

Carson Hay was in the Tyke boys group where he had 3 personal best performances and set four new club records. His long jumped improved by 17 cm to 2.43 metres which was a new club record. His javelin result improved to 7.09 metres which was a new club record. His shot put improved to 2.91 metres for another club record and his ball throw result of 13.25 metres was a new club record by 8 metres.

Naoise Gelber was in the Tyke girls group where she had four personal bests and set six new club records. Her 60 metre sprint improved to 10.99 seconds for a new club record. She cut 6 seconds off the previous record in the 600 metres by finishing in 2:30.13. She increased the javelin record by 3 metres to 10.01 which earned her a Provincial Championship silver medal. Her 300 metre time of 1:03.11 was a 4 second improvement and cut the previous record by two seconds. Next she added 1.4 metres to her best shot put and club record by tossing it 6.24 metres claiming the Provincial Championship crown. She repeated that result in the ball throw where her distance of 21.40 metres was a 9 metre improvement and broke the existing record by 7 metres for another first place finish.
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Rowan Watson was in the Tyke boys group as well. He improved in all four events in which he had previously competed. His 60 metre race improved to 11.78 seconds. His long jump improved by 21 cm to 2.64 metres. He whacked 8 seconds off his 300 metre time by recording 1:08.66. Then he improved his ball throw by 5.3 metres out to 10.60 metres.

Ashley Watson was in the Peewee girls category and she improved in both events she had participated in before. Her 60 metre race time dropped to 10.64 seconds and her long jump increased by 58 cm to a new distance of 3.15 metres.

Sawyer Sawatzky represented the club in the Peewee boys division. He did better in all six events that he competed in before. His 60 metre time dropped to 10.20seconds. His 600 metre time dropped to 2:10.23. His high jump improved 20 cm to 1.10 metres. His shot put improved to 6.49 metres. His 150 metre time was cut to 24.87 seconds and his long jump increased to 3.50 metres.

Payton Pharis was competing in his first official outdoor track meet in a Passtrak uniform. He spent the weekend setting marks for himself that he will attempt to beat in future competitions. His best finish for the weekend came in the Bantam boys discus where he placed 16th ahead of 23 others with a toss of 15.85 metres.

Jack Bailey produced two life time bests in the Bantam boys group. His long jump improved by 31 cm to 3.33 metres and his discus improved to 1.25 metres to 11.98 metres.

Bronwyn Gelber had 2 best ever results in the Bantam girls division. Her high jump improved to 1.15 metres and her 150 metre time was cut down to 23.80 seconds.
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Drew Stuckey, another Bantam age athlete came oh so close in two of his events. He missed a best ever in the 150 metres by 2/10ths of a second and missed his best in the 800 metres by only three seconds. He also competed in the discus for the first time where he recorded 14.64 metres.

Libby Wilmot wore Passtrak purple in the Bantam girls division. She improved in three events during the course of the weekend. She cut three seconds off her 1200 metre time by finishing in 4:28.80 then she cut 5 seconds off her 800 metre time by clocking 2:50.63. Her 3rd improvement came in the shot put by heaving it 5.75 metres which added 82 cm to her previous best.

Ronan Gelber ran 4:25.54 in the Bantam boys 1200 metres which carved eight seconds off the previous club record. He then improved his long jump by 12 cm to 3.23 metres and increased his shot put best by 36 cm to 7.20 metres.

Alina Pharis went under 50 seconds for the first time in the Midget girls, (ages 14 & 15 in 2017), 300 metres by finishing in 49.94 seconds for 5th place. She also cleared 8.13 metres in the triple jump for first place. She then came 4th in the javelin with a new Passtrak club record of 15.77 metres.

Mathias Gelber had two events in the Midget boys division. He ran away from the crowd in the 1200 metre race where he placed first in 3:23.88 which was a new Passtrak club record. This also qualified him for the Canadian National Championships which will take place in Brandon Manitoba in August. Earlier this season he also ran the National qualifying time for the 2000 metre race. His second event was the javelin where he placed first and improved his best by 5 1/2 metres as well as breaking the club record by 3.2 metres.

Passtrak’s most “mature” athlete at the meet was Leona Pharis who participated in the Masters Women’s 40 - 44 age group. She ran the 80 metre hurdles in the rain and placed first in 18.62 seconds which also set a new Passtrak club record.

Finally, Passtrak’s Bantam boys relay team of Drew, Payton, Jack & Ronan set a new club record in the medley relay, (200m, 100m, 100m, 400m) of 2:25.32 for a 5th place finish.
June 21st, 2017 ~ Vol. 87 No. 25
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