June 28th, 2017 ~ Vol. 87 No. 26
Council Updates
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Council has passed third reading of the Off-Highway Vehicle Bylaw, culminating months of discussion and public input sessions regarding the bylaw.

The only change to the bylaw from second reading was the removal of OHVs operating in ditches allowance. Due to the erosion it can create, OHVs are prohibited from operating in ditches.

Councillor Dave Filipuzzi made a motion to review the bylaw in March 2018, and Councillor Dean Ward made an amendment that during the review period, input from residents and local protective services should be considered. Council passed the motion.

The main changes to the OHV bylaw include:

• Several of the definitions and text were cleaned up to conform to the TSA and contemporary bylaw drafting.
• Added in provisions that the OHV must be registered, insured, display a valid licence plate, have appropriate equipment such as a muffler and lights as required under the TSA, the operator must have a valid license, must be a minimum of 14yrs of age, and passengers are only permitted on an OHV if the design allows for it.
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• Hours of operation between 8:00am and 8:00pm.
• Added provisions for Authorized Special Events and Permits that may be granted upon application.
• A Special Event Permit application must be made a minimum of 14 days prior to the event.
• Updated the OHV Exclusion Zones slightly. However, they will be staying primarily the same as before.
• The penalties were updated in Schedule B.
• Allow use for snow removal, weed spraying and fence repair.
• The removal of operating in ditches.

Foothills 150 medal

Seven individuals from Crowsnest Pass were awarded the Foothills Canada 150 medal: Joe Trotz, Bill White, Karen White, Belle Kovach, Daryl Ferguson, Fred Bradley and John Clarke.

The medals were commissioned by the office of John Barlow, MP for Foothills. Certain individuals were nominated by council, while other nominations came from the community.

“These individuals are people that take the lead volunteering their time for the many initiatives and events we host throughout our Community, and we are very thankful for them. It’s people like these that make the Crowsnest Pass such a great place to live. These people are part of an amazing group of volunteers that give up their time to make our lives better,” said Mayor Blair Painter in an interview.
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A total of 150 recipients who have made outstanding contributions to their community received the commemoration medal, in special honour of Canada’s 150th year.

According to a statement on behalf of Barlow, “Nomination for this award is open to deserving individuals including educators, artists, athletes, scientists, coaches, entrepreneurs, emergency responders, community volunteers, activity organizers, and other every day heroes striving to make their community better. There are many ways people enrich the lives of others and we want to celebrate their contributions.”
Nominations were reviewed by an independent volunteer panel who then recommended recipients to Barlow.

Winners were announced and presented their medals on June 17. The Canada 150 logo adorns the medal on one side, and the other has the Canadian coat of arms with the words “Foothills” engraved.
June 28th, 2017 ~ Vol. 87 No. 26
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