July 19th, 2017 ~ Vol. 87 No. 29
Council updates:
July 11 Governance and Priorities meeting
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Noise & OHV bylaw exemption forms

Jesse Fox, Fire Chief and Manager of Protective Services, presented Council with the new applications for the Noise Bylaw Exemption and the OHV Bylaw Exemption.

Submitted applications will be reviewed and pend approval by the CAO. Forms can be accessed online through the municipal website or in person at the municipal front desk. An FAQ document will also be posted to the municipal webpage informing residents of the requirements and specifics of applying for a noise bylaw exemption.
Highway 3 speed zones

Patrick Thomas, Director of Development, Engineering & Operations, sought input from Council regarding speed zones along Highway 3 in the community. Thomas brought back the report by ISL Engineering and Land Services Ltd. (ISL), the company hired by Alberta Transportation (AT) to review the existing speed limits and speed transition zones along Highway 3 through the community’s urban areas and provide recommendations regarding the appropriateness of the speed zones and speed limit signage.

In March 2017, Council requested that the ISL study be brought back for discussion in response to a letter received from Crowsnest Pass resident Helen Ehlert asking Council to consider the installation of a traffic light at the Hillcrest and Bellevue exit along Highway 3 following a recent death at that intersection.
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The recommendations that came through ISL include:

- extending the 50 km/hour zone east thorough past Ironstone to the Servus Credit Union
- instituting a 50 km/hour zone through Frank
- reducing the speed through the Frank Slide to 80 km/hour

Thomas pointed out that it will be a lengthy process that may take several years to receive approval should Council wish to more forward with the speed changes. He recommended that any speed zone changes be reviewed with the Highway 3 functional planning study.

Mayor Blair Painter indicated that at a forthcoming Council meeting, he would make a motion that Administration work with the Minister of Transportation to discuss the creation of turning lanes in Frank and the installation of traffic lights in the community at the following areas:

- Highway 40/Highway 3
- center access into Blairmore
- center access into Bellevue/Hillcrest

Referring to the recently installed traffic light at Blairmore’s west access, Mayor Painter said: “I’m hearing nothing but very good comments from our community. We’ve gone through a couple of really heavy stretches of traffic over the last month and a half and it has improved our traffic flow through the area.”
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Highway 3

Councillor Dean Ward requested that a discussion session about the Highway 3 Twinning project be scheduled for Council.

“We as a Council need to sit down and have a discussion. I don’t think we’ve ever really had a full discussion about where the highway should go so I think we need to add it to the agenda,” he said.

He also suggested that a community-driven committee be created to involve the public as much as possible.

“We saw the turnout that they had for the open house,” he said, referring to the June 27 Highway 3 Twinning Public Open House by Alberta Transportation. “I think it’s important that we get the public as involved as possible.”

RCMP correspondence

Council has received correspondence from the Crowsnest Pass RCMP detachment that a synthetic cannabinoid known generically as Purple Kush has been located in the community. While there have been no reported incidents of overdose or death, the local health authority has been notified and advised so that they are informed and aware.
Acting CAO Patrick Thomas noted that there is no reason for concern over the substance.

“It’s just something new in our community and it has been flagged,” said Thomas.

Swimming pool

Councillor Marlene Anctil commended pool staff for handling an incident requiring pool disinfection where a child swallowed too much water and vomited in the pool.

“I was really, really impressed t the way it was handled. The pool was immediately evacuated, all the attendants were sent in for a shower, and all the toys were taken out of the swimming pool and disinfected. They closed the pool for half an hour. Kids were allowed to get a stamp and come back. I just thought it was a really professional job those kids did and I’d like to commend the staff. They had those kids out of the pool and in the showers in no time at all,” she said.

Joey O’Brien, Manager of Community Services, pointed out that the staff followed the proper protocol vetted by the pool manufacturer, the Life Saving Society and Alberta Health Services.
July 19th, 2017 ~ Vol. 87 No. 29
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