July 19th, 2017 ~ Vol. 87 No. 29
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Ronald Tam
Ronald M. Tam
Toronto-born Ronald Tam is the junior associate (or student-in-law) at Val Danielson's law firm on main street. His parents and grandparents also had roots in that metropolis, running their own family business since the '50s. They created residential and industrial complexes – something in which Ronald continues to engage today. Mom was a homemaker for her son and daughter.

Ronald attended a private boy's school, winning several academic awards, as well as an award for hockey in high school. He would go on to study Classics and English Literature at Trinity College, U. of Toronto, and his college career would stretch into 8 long years. Throughout, Ron steadfastly stayed active in sports.

Early role models were English punk rock musician Paul Weller and actor Jean-Paul Belmondo; and if he could have dinner with anyone from history, it would be former British PM Margaret Thatcher or Friedrich Nietsche, a German philosopher who greatly influenced western thought.

Meanwhile, his favourite pastimes, besides winter sports, include reading. Ronald's favourite authors are Henry James (19th c. realist), Edgar Allan Poe (mystery writer), and Pierre Berton (Canadian history). Listening to music is also high on the list, especially 1980s British New-Wave bands like the Clash, the Jam, Joy Division, the Cure and the Smiths. Finally, cartography – anything and everything to do with maps – has also always been an interest.
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World Discovery

“I was so lucky.” says Ron, “My parents introduced me to the world at a relatively young age”. At age 9, he visited western Canada; at 10 and 11, he was taken to eastern Canada, as well as to Europe for the first of many trips. He also became familiar with south Florida. And by age 15 and 16, the Caribbean would also be under his discovery belt.


Tam next attended law school at University College, London, England, where his focus was on commercial law. He also had an abiding interest in constitutional law. It was there where he met his wife, Piroska, in 1993; they married five years later in Budapest, Hungary, her homeland.
Five years ago, Piroska encouraged Ron to finally complete his qualifications as a lawyer; he thus went back to law school at Osgoode Hall in Toronto to earn an MA. Then, nine months ago, he joined the Valerie Danielson law firm on main street. He is just now busy articling in preparation for taking the bar exams. Most importantly, Ron feels he has already landed in the right place, as the staff “feels just like family”.

After law school, Ron had worked at the TD bank. By 1998, he had formally started working in his own business, still continuing the family building tradition, which is still very vibrant. The couple loves travel and look forward to some day visiting India, Russia, South America and Asia.
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Ron also loves learning new languages, and can already make himself understood in five, including English, German, Italian, French, and Hungarian. And the couple collects Native art.

Friends describe Ron as being “sincere”, “energetic” , “loyal”, “an independent spirit”, and definitely “open-minded”. And if he could change anything about the Pass, it is incredible that Ronald Tam wouldn't change a thing! He deems it to be a perfect outdoor paradise for a perfect outdoor life, and is especially moved by the dramatic and sudden change from the sea of mountains in the Pass to the start of the fiercely contrasting flatlands of the Prairies. “And it successfully curbs any real wanderlust”, says Ron, in terms of where to live. As for being king for a day and able to effect any change in the world at large, Ron Tam fervently wishes that there was more love in the world, and also, that “more people would come to their senses and support the Maple leaf Hockey Club!”
July 19th, 2017 ~ Vol. 87 No. 29
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