August 23rd, 2017 ~ Vol. 87 No. 34
CNP Piranhas dig their teeth into 34 medals at Regionals swim meet
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The Crowsnest Pass Piranha Swim Club won the Region F net point banner for the third year in a row at Regionals in Lethbridge that took place on August 12 and 13.
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The Crowsnest Pass Piranha Swim Club left Lethbridge Regionals with 16 gold, 10 silver and 8 bronze medals, earning 11 of the 16 swimmers a spot at Provincials.

The Piranhas, competing in Region F, also achieved one gold, four silver and one bronze at relays, and it was the third year in a row they won the net point banner, which means that the club had the most success per swimmer than any other team.

On top of that, 11-year-old Quinn Douglas beat the Region F record for 25-metre backstroke with 18.25 seconds, 13-year-old Olivia Collings beat the record for 100-metre breaststroke with a time of 1:24.97 and 16-year-old Ethan Ballak in the 100-metre IM with a time of 1:07.18. This means that these three swimmers are the fastest to ever swim these races in the region.

But aside from all the medals, 44 swimmers beat their personal best at Regionals, which Piranha team coach Quinn Layden says is just as, if not more, important for him.

“Best times is what I push for because everyone wants to get better in the pool. Some of the kids who didn’t quite medal still took loads off time on their swim,” says Layden. “That’s the goal of it, to train four days a week, get better and see some improvement on the weekends [at the swim meets]. Obviously, going to Provincials is a big goal because you get to go to Edmonton for a big meet, but other than that, it’s about improving yourself and testing yourself.”
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Of the 28 registered participants in the Alberta Summer Swimming Association (ASSA) swim club, 16 swimmers went to Regionals in Lethbridge to compete in four strokes: freestyle, backstroke, butterfly and breaststroke.

The Piranhas have been training hard three to four times a week since May 1, taking part in 10 swim meets throughout the season on weekends.

Of the 16 swimmers that participated in Regionals, 11 went to Provincials to compete in the stroke that they qualified in at Regionals. The top two swimmers in each stroke moved on to Provincials in Edmonton on August 19 and 20, to compete against the top 16 in Alberta.

Medaling at the Provincial meet was Ethan Ballak, Samantha Bleich, Olivia Collings, Quinn Douglas and Quinn Layden.

The team ended up tying with Wetaskiwin for points in the Small Team category. This means that the Pass Piranhas are the best small team in Alberta out of 48 teams and over 4,000 swimmers.

“We had lots of success from our kids. Everybody that went on individual events took of time on their swims and most of them made it to the podium,” says Layden.
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While Layden, who’s been swimming since he was eight years old, had coached water polo in his hometown of Innisfail, this was his first time coaching a swim team.

“I like it because it’s a good way to stay in shape and it’s fun because it’s like an individual thing, but also team-based,” says the 20-year-old. “It’s more personable with the kids because you’re focusing on that one kid and how they can improve, not as a team, but individually. At Regionals and Provincials, you can see how the team improves, which is pretty cool.”

To register your child for next season’s swim club, contact Sherri Gleave at (403) 562-2419 or register at the municipality’s mass registration night in the fall.

“It’s not just a sport, it’s a life skill,” says Layden. “It’s one of the only sports that can save your life. It’s a lifetime skill that I think everybody should know to some extent.”
August 23rd, 2017 ~ Vol. 87 No. 34
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