October 4th, 2017 ~ Vol. 87 No. 40
2017 Municipal Election Forum and candidate Q&A
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The Municipal Election Forum, put on by the Crowsnest Pass Chamber of Commerce, will take place on Wednesday, October 4, 2017 at the MDM Community Centre at 7 p.m. Lawyer Valerie J. Danielson will moderate the Forum.
Chamber office manager Jackie Woodman says the forum provides an opportunity for voters to make an informed decision come Election Day.
“This is a great opportunity for people to get to know the candidates a bit and see what they’re like, and also bring forward questions that they would like answered to get a feel for where candidates stand on certain issues,” says Woodman.
The Forum will begin with speeches from the three School Board Trustee candidates. The Chair will then read the rules and regulations, and each Office of Councillor candidate will have two minutes to deliver an introductory statement. A 10-minute break is scheduled for 7:40 p.m., after which the question-and-answer period will take place. Questions have been submitted by Chamber members, and will also be taken from the public in attendance. Depending on the turnout and number of questions asked from the floor, each Councillor candidate will answer three to five questions. Candidates will then have two minutes to conclude with a wrap-up speech. The Forum is expected to end by approximately 9 p.m.
“We’re hoping that people come out,” says Woodman. “There aren’t as many candidates this time around, but there is still an election. This is a great opportunity to make an informed decision.”
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Office of Councillor candidate Q&A

The Pass Herald compiled a list of questions for the candidates running for Office of Councillor. Below are their responses on a number of relevant issues to the Crowsnest Pass.

Question 1: Please introduce yourself and your background in the community.

M.A.: Marlene Anctil, married to Garry. Two sons: Shawn, married to Corrina and Chad, married to Jolie. Six grandchildren. Owner of Marlene’s Bookkeeping. Third generation resident of Crowsnest Pass (daughter of coal miner). Lived in Calgary for 6 years, but returned home to live in CNP. On Municipal Council for the last 4 years. Council representative on: Protective Services & Advisory Committee, Subdivision Development Appeal Board, Crowsnest Pass Senior Housing Board, Parks and Recreation Authority Board, Crowsnest Pass Community Pool Society.
D.F.: Hi! I’m Dave Filipuzzi. I was born here, raised here, worked here, and retired here (previously employed by Municipality of CNP for 29 years as a utility operator). Married, four children, seven grandchildren. Had the honour of serving the residents as their Councillor for the last four years.
D.G.: My name is Doreen Glavin. I was born and raised in the Crowsnest Pass. I am currently a Municipal Councillor, a member of various organizations, and sit on several Boards.
G.L.: In 1980, I commenced my municipal administration career in High Level. In 1987, I moved to Peace River and met my wife, Pat. We have 1 daughter and 2 grandsons. In 2004 after accepting the position of CAO with the Municipality of Crowsnest Pass, we moved to the beautiful Crowsnest Pass. In 2010, after 30 years of service to municipalities, I retired. I enjoy camping, hiking and the odd game of golf.
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L.M.: I work and volunteer in Crowsnest Pass. I volunteered with the Family and Community Support Services Board and held the office of president for three years. Also, I am a current Board member for Crowsnest Pass Senior Housing. My work career is in office support to small businesses and non-profit agencies, tutoring, teaching and policy development.
L.S.: My name is Lisa Sygutek and I am proud to say I’m 5th generation Crowsnest Pass. I have lived my entire life in this community only leaving for six years to attend the University of Lethbridge where I obtained two degrees, a Bachelor of Arts in English and a Bachelor of Management in Human Resources Management. After graduation I returned home, had four boys and am now the owner of the Pass Herald.
D.W.: Resident of the Crowsnest Pass since 1983 proud Grandpa of three. Just completed my third term on council, also sat on numerous boards and committee's.

Question 2: Why are you running for Office of Councillor?

M.A.: I am running for a second term on Council – we accomplished so much in four years. We worked as a solid team, which helped unify the community. We will work together to move our municipality into the future.
D.F.: After four years of experience, I feel I still have a lot to contribute and there is still lots of work to do. I am committed to the community.
D.G.: I am running for Office of Councillor because I care for our community I would like to be re-elected to follow through with Council’s priorities and new initiatives that will enhance the quality of life for residents.
G.L.: I wanted to work objectively on the Highway bypass, security to our water aquifers and fire protection to our western and northern forested areas of our municipality.
L.M.: Crowsnest Pass is a vibrant community with many opportunities. I want to contribute my skills to helping the community thrive.
L.S.: I believe the Pass is on the cusp of becoming a destination and industry base. I want to be on council to help push these projects forward and to fruition and I want to streamline our municipal operation.
D.W.: I have a passion for our community, this is my way of giving back.
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Question 3: What makes you a better candidate than your opposition?

M.A.: I don’t feel that I am a better candidate – present Council worked as a team. The last four years have given me a great insight into the diversity of this community. Hopefully, if elected, I will have the opportunity to continue working for our residents.
D.F.: Experience, knowledge of the community, understanding the history, open minded, approachable and a strong passion and love for my community and home.
D.G.: I do not feel one candidate is better than another. Each candidate will bring something different to the table.
G.L.: Similar to all the candidates, I ran to make Crowsnest the best place to live, work and play in.
L.M.: My work experience and volunteer experience is in a team environment in this and other communities, where the objective is to move the projects forward. I offer strategic management and organizational development skills.
L.S.: I really liked the last council and I think they have done a great job in their last term and I would like to work with this group. I have an opinion and I have a voice and I am willing to use both for the people of the Crowsnest Pass.
D.W.: There are not a lot of candidates for this election but there are very good candidates. I offer the experience that I have gained over three terms. In addition I am very realistic and recognize the financial limitations that we have in this community.

Question 4: What are your personal views on the proposed Highway 3 bypass?

M.A.: My views will depend on the final alignment of the highway. My major concern is the economic and resident impact this re-alignment will have on the Crowsnest Pass.
D.F.: The route of Highway ‘3’ has always been a challenge for our community. To finally get a footprint of the route will help us to move forward. I am looking forward to the future open houses and the discussions they will bring, keeping in mind there are pros and cons to this project to discuss.
D.G.: I do not support the Highway 3 bypass. However, more needs to be done about the traffic flow congestion that makes it unsafe for motorists.
G.L.: We are a mountain community and the bypass should be tailored to suit our situation similar to what exists in the BC neighbouring communities. A south facing four-lane highway throughout the Pass is required to address the traffic volumes in our community along with additional traffic control lights.
L.M.: Residential areas need relief from traffic congestion. The project needs to include good environmental rehabilitation and drainage plans to mitigate damage to the areas it crosses. Businesses don’t thrive during instability, so they need to see a completed plan. The commercial sector will benefit from opportunities to develop services with better access and expansion space. My observation in other towns, like Devon and Drayton Valley, is that highway bypass leads to more businesses, not less.
L.S.: We need to put pressure on the government to give us a clear timeline and exact projection of where the highway will actually be. There are proposed routes but nothing definitive for us to sink our teeth into and push forward. As long as the provincial government waits, the longer we are land locked for development. No one will build here without an exact route and timeline for the new highway.
D.W.: This concerns me deeply, we must do everything possible to prevent the demise of the commercial sector in Coleman. This issue as held this community hostage for 60 years, who will spend substantial dollars along the highway until they know where it is going?
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Question 5: What are your personal views on the Grassy Mountain Coal Project?

M.A.: The Grassy Mountain Coal Project (Riversdale) will give this community a large economic boost. I feel that tourism and industry can co-exist if managed properly by the Municipality.
D.F.: Grassy Mountain will bring some much-needed growth to our community, understanding that it, too, will have its pros and cons. I have been supportive of this project.
D.G.: The Crowsnest Pass needs more industry. The tax base in the Crowsnest Pass is 90% residential. I feel that the Grassy Mountain Coal Project will add to the tax base, create employment, contribute to the economy and will support local business.
G.L.: The Grassy Mountain project will have significant economic and employment benefit to Crowsnest Pass. Riversdale will have to mitigate the negative impacts such as dust control and landscape aesthetics.
L.M.: The project is underway and businesses will grow to support the project. Residents and incoming workers and their families will contribute to the growth and diversity of our community.
L.S.: I am 100% on board with the Grassy Mountain Coal Project. We need industry in this community and with industry comes people, a tax base and more small businesses. We absolutely need this project. We have a history of coal mining; we should never be embarrassed by the industry that made us a community.
D.W.: Our commercial tax base brings is $700,000 a year, Sparwood receives over $3 million a year from Teck plus several million more from it's secondary industry. Almost 90% of our tax base is residential, half our population is 55+. We need the mine, the taxes, the jobs the secondary industry that will come with it. Yes I support the mine, has far as environmental concerns between a Liberal government in Ottawa and a NDP government in Edmonton they will be held to a very high environmental standard.

Question 6: As the municipality struggles with its tax base, how do you plan on increasing industry in the Pass?

M.A.: I feel that once the alignment of Highway 3 is concluded and the Grassy Mountain Project is up and running, it will bring industry to this valley. The Municipality and the Economic Development Board are working tirelessly to market this community.
D.F.: This question has some relationship to the previous one, and why I choose to support the Grassy Mountain Project. Also, my last four years, I have been very supportive of putting policies in place to help attract industry and business to our community. Financially, we struggle with only a residential tax base.
D.G.: I alone cannot plan on increasing industry, but being part of Municipal Council, it has been identified as a priority to have serviced industrial land. The Municipality cannot attract commercial development with the uncertainty of Highway 3. These two issues need to be dealt with to increase investment in our community. Municipal Council did create a new business/industry development incentive.
G.L.: The municipality should continue to work with the EDC, Chamber and the Province to attract large and small businesses.
L.M.: Crowsnest Pass has many challenges that can be overcome by making and taking advantage of opportunities. To survive and thrive, the community needs focus on economic stability and growth. Industry will be attracted one business at a time as people see their opportunity. As a councillor, my role is to help promote and welcome through supportive bylaws and licencing.
L.S.: I am a firm believer in a reasonable sale price for land to attract industry The land sale only gives us a one time infusion of revenue, but the taxes we receive are yearly. Make it a reasonable price and they will come here. As a small business owner I know that the first three years of any business is the key to success or failure, so I propose a tax reduction for new businesses for their first three years of operation on a sliding scale.
D.W.: Industry will come if the mine happens, we can't forget our other great asset! Everything that is around us. We have to build on what our economic development board, various businesses and organizations have done to promote tourism.
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Question 7: Please rank in terms of what you deem most important as a Councillor:
Fiscal responsibility
Economic growth of CNP
Building a sustainable CNP
Open communication with taxpayers

M.A.: 1. Accountability 2. Fiscal responsibility 3. Open communication with taxpayers 4. Economic growth of CNP 5. Building a sustainable CNP.
D.F.: For me, I find it hard to rank these because they are all very important, and areas that we have been working hard to improve. For me, I could add to this list with: affordability, seniors, volunteers and employees and also the taxpayer. As a Councillor, it is important to realize you have to represent every issue as the most important.
D.G.: I feel that accountability, fiscal responsibility, economic growth of the Crowsnest Pass, building a sustainable Crowsnest Pass, and open communication with tax payers are all important. I would not rank one more important than another. During the 2013 election, I ran on FACTORS. Fiscal responsibility, accountability, common sense, transparency, organization (municipality that is healthy), responsibility and sustainability. I feel these FACTORS are key for an elected official in fulfilling their roles and responsibilities.
G.L.: a. Economic growth of CNP & Building a sustainable CNP b. Open communication with taxpayers c. Accountability & Fiscal responsibility
L.M.: 1. Economic growth of CNP 2. Building a sustainable CNP 3. Fiscal responsibility 4. Accountability 5. Open communication with taxpayers
L.S.: Accountability (4), Fiscal responsibility (3), Economic growth of CNP (1), Building a sustainable CNP (2), Open communication with taxpayers (5)
D.W.: Accountability (4), Fiscal responsibility (3), Economic growth of CNP (1), Building a sustainable CNP (2), Open communication with taxpayers (5)

These are all important. The Pass will not be sustainable without economic growth, fiscal responsibility is critical until we achieve that growth. We are going through the accountability process right now. Open communication is important. I feel we should always strive to be better.

October 4th, 2017 ~ Vol. 87 No. 40
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