December 13th, 2017 ~ Vol. 87 No. 50
Council takes a stance on Highway 3X route options
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Photo courtesy of ISL Engineering and Land Services
The above diagram shows the various route options in yellow that are being considered by ISL Engineering and Land Services and Alberta Transportation for the trucking route of the proposed Highway 3X. The red route is the existing Highway 3. The white routes are no longer being considered. The circles ares are approximate locations where interchages will be built. A complete breakdown of route and interchange options can be found at
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At a meeting last week, Council discussed each of the route and interchange options presented at the Highway 3X open house at the end of November. Their concerns and remarks will be delivered as an official statement from Council to ISL Engineering and Alberta Transportation.

A3 was the preferred option for the western interchange, but Council noted that Tecumseh access points need to be identified, and direct access from Highway 3X to the Sentinel Industrial Park needs to be established.

Regarding the western-most truck route options, Council decided to remain neutral, as they were unable to select a preferred interchange as each of the option posed specific concerns. Council did make a note, however, to maintain access to Star Creek Falls and to tie in the walking trails in accessing the falls.
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M2 was Council’s preferred option for the middle truck route, on the condition that access to York Creek Staging Area and the residences in that area is maintained. M1 was an undesirable option for Council due to the high amount of impacted properties.

The eastern truck route options posed different concerns for Council members.

Councillor Gord Lundy indicated that E1 was not a desirable option for him because it goes directly through the wetlands. He said that protection of our aquifer is important and called it “one of the best assets we have.”

Mayor Blair Painter and Councillors Dave Filipuzzi and Lisa Sygutek said that they were leaning towards favouring the E1 option, as the two other options have higher impacts on residences and divide Blairmore’s residential and large commercial centre.
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Council did not officially take a stance on which route they favour, but noted several concerns with the options: the impact on the wetland and the additional noise level to residents in Blairmore both during construction and the subsequent traffic.

With the east interchange, Council noted that direct access to Blairmore via 129 Street is important and should be maintained. Also noted was the necessity for a service road to Frank and maintaining walking trails.
The entire set of information boards from the November open house can be found at
December 13th, 2017 ~ Vol. 87 No. 50
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