December 20th, 2017 ~ Vol. 87 No. 51
- ISS holiday concert
- Local division of
  Pass Boys and Girls
  Club dissolving
- A new look for
  downtown Coleman
- Study shows renewable
  energy potential
- Putting the paper to
- RCMP Stats
- Classifieds
- Puzzle Page
- Friends and Neighbours
- Awarded grant
- Santa visits LTC
- Skating show
- Seniors’ Christmas
- Here's My Card
- Question of the Week
- Big Winner
- Prom
- Looking Back
- Newly formed Trail
  Alliance seeks to
  make sense of trails
- Municipality of
  Crowsenst Pass
  Council passes 2018
- Letters to the Editor
- Bricks & Boquets
Crowsnest Pass Herald Front Page
ISS holiday concert
Parents, family members and students from Horace Allen were treated to a delightful performance at Isabelle Sellon School, where students displayed their musical and vocal prowess at the annual holiday concert.
Heres My Card
Crowsnest Pass Weather
Story 1 - 171220 Crowsnest Pass Herald
Local division of Pass Boys and Girls Club dissolving
At a meeting on December 11, The Boys and Girls Club of Crowsnest Pass Board of Directors passed a special resolution to dissolve the organization. The Club will now be [...]
Story 2 - 171220 Crowsnest Pass Herald
A new look for downtown Coleman
An open house scheduled for January 4, 2018 will present the municipality’s plans for a project to revitalize downtown Coleman, both on the surface, and [...]
Story 3 - 171220 Crowsnest Pass Herald
Study shows renewable energy potential
An updated feasibility report by Green Cat Renewables Canada Corporation shows the renewable energy potential within the Municipality of Crowsnest Pass, identifying four [...]
Story 4 - 171220 Crowsnest Pass Herald
Newly formed Trail Alliance seeks to make sense of trails
The Municipality of Crowsnest Pass is surrounded by a vast network of unique hiking, biking and walking trails, but pinpointing them can be tricky.
Tourists and locals alike have been known to [...]
Story 5 - 171220 Crowsnest Pass Herald
Municipality of Crowsenst Pass Council passes 2018 budget
At a meeting on December 12, Council passed the 2018 Municipal Operating and Capital Budget.
The tax increase will come in at 2.5 per cent for residential and 3.5 per cent for non-residential. The tax rates will [...]
Looking Back by John Kinnear
An American St. Nick
It occurred to me the other day, whilst immersing myself in World War Two history, that the Christmas season overseas during that war must have been a tough time for the peoples of Europe. Tradition and celebration most often was [...]
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Previous Issues
Story 1 - 171213 Crowsnest Pass Herald
Council takes a stance on Highway 3X route options
At a meeting last week, Council discussed each of the route and interchange options presented at the Highway 3X open house at the end of November. Their concerns and remarks will be delivered as an [...]
Story 2 - 171213 Crowsnest Pass Herald
SPCA gets birthday party donation
It wasn’t toys or games that Cora Brands wanted for her birthday – it was the selfless opportunity to make [...]
Story 3 - 171213 Crowsnest Pass Herald
Crowsnest CanDo’s vision
The Crowsnest CanDo Society has a renewed objective that focuses less on building a viable multi-purpose cultural center, and more on [...]
Story 4 - 171213 Crowsnest Pass Herald
2018 budget discussions continue throughout the week
At budget meetings last week, Council strived to develop the draft 2018 budget in order to bring tax rate increases to 2.5% for residential and 3.5% for non-residential. The overall utility rate increase is [...]
Story 5 - 171213 Crowsnest Pass Herald
Bus drivers, snow plowing and campgrounds at Council
The Crowsnest Pass school bus drivers presented to Council as a delegation, requesting a change to the snow removal policy.
The entire fleet of [...]
Story 1 - 171206 Crowsnest Pass Herald
Highway 3X open house presents a puzzle of possibilities
The third open house of the year for the proposed four-lane Highway 3X was held at the MDM on November 29 and 30.
The purpose of the open house was to provide an update about the project. Representatives from [...]
Story 2 - 171206 Crowsnest Pass Herald
Council updates
Council has approved a development permit in the Turtle Mountain Hazard Zone. There is a dwelling already on the site, but the owners wish to demolish and rebuild after finding [...]
Story 3 - 171206 Crowsnest Pass Herald
New festival celebrates mountain life
What do Sondrio, Italy and Crowsnest Pass, Alberta have in common? They are two communities separated by an ocean with plenty of differences, but bound by a similarity that surpasses [...]
Story 4 - 171206 Crowsnest Pass Herald
Deadline approaching for Grassy Mountain Coal Project Statements of Concern
With the approaching deadline to file Statements of Concern with the Alberta Energy Regulator (AER) concerning a proposed coal facility in the area, Crowsnest Pass resident David McIntyre prepares to [...]
Looking Back by John Kinnear
Turkey in the Craw
Have I got a Christmas story for you. It is one in which I almost got taken out. Permanently! It left me thankful to be alive and mindful that things can go drastically wrong, especially at [...]
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December 20th, 2017 ~ Vol. 87 No. 51
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